Thursday, July 30, 2020

~*~On The Wings of A Virgin ~*~ (Upon Request)

~*~ July 2020 ~*~


Just the tip. 
Just the tip. 
The thrust of your head.

Mighty spirit, burgeoning forth.
All smooth and shiny.

Time immemorial.

How long have you waited?
How long have you wanted?

And was it me? 
Like it is now?

The wings.
Your fingers.
Furtively searching.

In my flesh.

Electric kicks.
Oh, but, no, so alive.


Tokens of desire.

For one. 
For two.

Party for me. 
Plenty for you.

To bring to the edge.

Satisfaction on a blanket.
For future discovery.

The time is now.
Receipt of knowledge.

Access granted.

Rewind and renew.
Eternal remnants of you.


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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

A Long Time Coming...

How's it cooping in this land of quarantine?  

I went ahead and did a few tv show/documentary binges. Namely,

End Of the F***ing World (both seasons)
Black Mirror (like,  3 or 3 episodes)
Ronda Rousey documentary

Oh, and Servant (M Night Shyamalan)

I'm happy with my choices. I had read the long-form article in The Daily Beast about the McMillions fraud scheme about a year and a half ago, so a lot of the basic summary was already there, sat in the recesses of memory. It was interesting to see the faces to put with the names and to learn more of the inner workings of the FBI in tracking down this 'family' of winners.

I started End Of the F****ing World on, like, Episode 3 (it's what came up first in a random assortment of shows to watch) and, although I'm glad that I went back to  watch the first two episodes, I can't say I would've automatically gone ahead and watched the whole two seasons if I HADN'T started with episode 3 first. Why?  

Because you hear nothing or very little of the guy (James?)'s desire in his inner monologue to kill his new female friend. By Epsiode 3, most of that type of talk was largely absent. Thank goodness.  

The lead actress', Jessica Barden, character was somewhat refreshing, if scandalous, in her off-kilter approach to dealing with, well, most everything and everyone. 

I'll spare the details of the framework of the show and just recommend it. 

It was quirky, off-beat dark, DARK comedy like the Brits are known for. Did I mention it's BRITISH? Huzzah!

Um, ok, the Black Mirror episodes...I actually wrote them down on a piece of paper, but it got swallowed up by ..other paper. Let's just say the....Jack, _______, and Ashley Two/Too episode was probably my favorite of the three I watched. Miley Cyrus was a welcome addition to this episode!

The Ronda Rousey documentary was refreshing after all the weirdness with the prior two. She sure did surpass expectations and she has led a difficult life....but she's a FIGHTER! Aww, knew it was coming! 

One cool thing...I couldn't stop staring at her eyes! Never realized before how pretty they are! 

Another thing: she has no mercy for those who overstep the boundaries of getting personal about family members. 

Seems she has held a worthy grudge or two, complete with snapped arm vertebrae (does that make sense?)

And, I shan't forget....SERVANT! 

Shyamalan is a genius.  Servant enters the realm  of the re-born, with catastrophic results. It's my favorite of the whole bunch but I'd ruin it if I even attempt to explain it. Ya just gotta see it.

For now, that's all I got but I did find one of my loose papers where I wrote down, based on their trailers, other shows, etc I wanted to watch, including:

Dead To Me

and, maybe, Crashing and Easy.

Chat More Soon and Stay Safe and Feel Free to lose yourself in the creativity of others via your media devices. Why not? You are a captive audience. Take advantage.

Good Luck,

I watched Servant on AppleTV. I believe the others were all on Netflix, but I could be wrong.

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