Friday, July 26, 2019

~*~ TGIF: I Miss. I Wish. I Love. Forever. ~*~

1) I keep hearing Hotel California (Eagles) on the radio whilst travelling. I sing along. Out loud.  "...Bring your alibis..."

2) I keep hearing When The Party's Over (Billie Eilish) in my head. All Day Long. I'm not terribly concerned. Yet!

3) I communicate to W , and say, 'Good Morning, W' out loud via our teddy bear Malamute, his familiar, when I wake up in bed. No, I do not wait for, anticipate, nor imagine a response, in kind, but I hear his voice all the same.

4) Over the last three years, and especially within the last 365 days, a lot of my favorite people no longer exist in earthly, physical form. A lot.

5) The sun is not my friend, more often than not, unfortunately.

6) I miss Bikram yoga.

7) I miss dancing regularly for the camera, or an audience of one or more.

8) I miss the release and energy of good, loud music in a nightclub or at gatherings.

9) Love is a dress rehearsal.

10) Forever is an admonition.

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