Wednesday, March 27, 2019

~*~ Getting You Over The Hump With Sandra LONDON, The Birthday Gal's, BDay Week Ender ~*~

~*~ 2019 Sandra LONDON of LIVE&GRIND Birthday Gift....With SKULLS~*~

~*~ 2019 Sandra LONDON Birthday Gift ~*~

~*~ 2019 Sandra LONDON Birthday Thrift Store Booties ;P  ~*~

~*~ 2019 Sandra LONDON Birthday Consignment Store Booties ~*~

OK, Guys and Dahls! I promised a more meaty post soon-ish, so here you are!

And, so, ...if we can call it a 'Birthday Week' (?), I can begin with the prior Hump Day and allow today to be the end of it!!!! For now, anyways!

Therefore, the first evening out and about would begin on Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019 in the familiar haunts of 4th Street Santa Monica.

I was able to catch a late screening of the french film, Climax (2018) by Argentinian-French filmmaker, Gaspar NOE.

For any of you who may be fans of the works the likes of Noe or Lars von Trier or Harmony Korine, then this film will be right up your alley.

Dance. Fashion. Free Love. 'Special'-delivery fruity punch. 

And random acts of extreme, cruel depravity, violence, and the beat goes on. 

Someone is always moving something or someone. 

Especially the cute, chubby Black dude in the blond wig and tutu who has extreme....shall we say...FOCUS? 

Nothing outlast that hefty bunny man en pointe!!!  

Anyways, it is not that there is so much to try to avoid 'giving away' as spoilers for Climax.

What you will see will just increase in intensity as the timecode meter runs.....

Um, ya.  Does that mean I enjoyed this particular film?  Ha!!! 

But, of course, although enjoy may be the wrong word.  

Calling it 'stimulating' would be ABSOLUTELY a propos (you can insert a groan here, had to pull the pun, sorry, y'all!). 

Dare I say, 'awe-inspiring'? Maybe, although not necessarily in a good way at all times throughout this flick. 

Alrighty, then. Perhaps that is enough for today

I'm already feeling winded...

However, I do promise to complete the rundown of the, tomorrow. 

To get a bird's eye peep at that-flick-I-saw-last-Hump-Day:


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