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My Right Hand At Banned Friction: Another On-The-Spot Schpiel (Erotica/1st FanFiction)

                               Writings On The Wall

-A stream-of-consciousness internet chat and ad-lib* between:

Yours Truly, Sandra LONDON of LiveAndGrind 


 {Privileged} from the Eastern Coast.

*Rough Draft


- Sandra LONDON as Domina S.L. (D.S.L.

- {Privileged} as Mr Red BARE (MRB)


- Sandra LONDON as The Emboldened Translator



[4/13/18, 8:50:59 PM] Domina S.L. : JAX LOANS is pretty unhappy now... 

[4/13/18, 8:51:30 PM] Mr Red BARE: JAX is always, always miserable… 

[4/13/18, 8:51:42 PM] Domina S.L. : JAX says, "Phuk Lordy DINGO!!!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:51:50 PM] D.S.L.: I thought Lordy DINGO was his boo. 

 [4/13/18, 8:52:21 PM] Mr Red BARE: JAX has to! In order to save face, that's what he’s always done….. He’s like a coin in the air.... 

 [4/13/18, 8:52:42 PM] D.S.L.: https://twixxxxx... 

 [4/13/18, 8:53:40 PM] MRB: JAX is verbal garbage. 

[4/13/18, 8:53:55 PM] MRB: Sounds very manic.

 [4/13/18, 8:53:57 PM] D.S.L.: The bromance is OVER!!!! 

[4/13/18, 8:54:07 PM] D.S.L.: I wanna know 'what war he done been in?' 

[4/13/18, 8:54:09 PM] D.S.L.: ;) 

 [4/13/18, 8:54:33 PM] Mr Red BARE: hahahaha. You're a bigger heart than me, honey. 

[4/13/18, 8:54:55 PM] D.S.L.: If Lordy DINGO weren’t so busy strip-teasing Red TERRIER and drinking sunny juice, this could’ve been handled earlier and differently. 

[4/13/18, 8:55:24 PM] MRB: hahahha. This is very true…. teh MAN raiding his Fall-Lowers lair is a HUGE deal, though…. 

[4/13/18, 8:55:42 PM] D.S.L.: I swear he wants to lay on ROUGIE-ROO's washboard abs and finger ROUGIE's lower tresslands! 

[4/13/18, 8:55:43 PM] MRB: All DINGO's minions are scrambling now..... 

[4/13/18, 8:55:55 PM] MRB: I bet he HAS ventured through the tress! 

[4/13/18, 8:55:58 PM] D.S.L.: Yes, Fall-LOWER is in deep dodo.

Sandra LONDON  (Virginia 2010-2012)

[4/13/18, 8:56:00 PM] D.S.L.: "Distract!" 

[4/13/18, 8:56:05 PM] D.S.L.: "Obliterate the phukua out some shoo somewhere! Stat!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:56:16 PM] MRB: It's so bad…. babe.

[4/13/18, 8:56:21 PM] D.S.L.: Lordy DINGO is nothing if not predictable……and projects 24/7 

[4/13/18, 8:56:30 PM] D.S.L.: "No collision, YOU’RE the collision…!!! Not my fault I won on accident! " 

 [4/13/18, 8:56:49 PM] MRB: Exactly…. Such an embarrassment.

Chile (Source: Twitter)

 [4/13/18, 8:57:31 PM] D.S.L.: Phukua the sunny waters shell, ...

"I bet next you’re gonna accuse me of eating exit droppings! Because you’re jealous that I wasn’t supposed to win! I did not taste a drop of exit in that other year , let alone on the first evening there! I do not recall that other time zone." 

[4/13/18, 8:57:38 PM] D.S.L. : "Don’t let them lie to you!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:58:06 PM] D.S.L.: "Red-Terre femmes of a certain...time length...are the legal equivalent of our very own in the Bedrock. Many people are saying." 

[4/13/18, 8:58:14 PM] D.S.L.: "They’re lying to you, anyone who says something else!" 

[4/13/18, 8:58:21 PM] D.S.L.: "She never told me her time length, anyways!" 

Source: Twitter

[4/13/18, 8:58:29 PM] MRB: Is that what he said? i stopped listening I can’t listen to all that negativity….. It gets to me even though it shouldn’t….. 

[4/13/18, 8:58:39 PM] D.S.L.: "We optioned to agree that those were her other measurements. Elsewhere." 

[4/13/18, 8:58:41 PM] MRB: oh jesus….Those assholes.... 

[4/13/18, 8:58:42 PM] D.S.L. : "Pre-makeover!" 

[4/13/18, 8:58:47 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 8:58:53 PM] D.S.L.: No, but I bet the DINGO... WILL say it! 

[4/13/18, 8:59:05 PM] MRB: most definitely….. 

[4/13/18, 8:59:18 PM] D.S.L.: I can’t wait to see him caught on tape plopking Lila LATTA. And, when everyone gets horrified, DINGO will say,  

"She ain't no kenemy! She’s half-former-ex RedTerre!" 

[4/13/18, 8:59:21 PM] D.S.L.: "AND adopted!"

[4/13/18, 8:59:22 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 8:59:34 PM] MRB: hahahahah. That's fucked up.

[4/13/18, 8:59:44 PM] D.S.L: "I married Lise Latta, the Younger, in Win-Her-Kalifornie, where there is no minimum age for marriage. Parental consent (Literally, legit, it has been said.)"

 [4/13/18, 9:00:05 PM] MRB: oh jesus, that image is a definite boner killer. hahaha 

 [4/13/18, 9:00:08 PM] D.S.L.: "The Younger’s a hired hand. A latte girl. Creme rises to the top. Not many people know this." 

 [4/13/18, 9:00:28 PM] D.S.L.: "I made her reservations for a party to a loving circle with a Tye Drone once. Just to give her a taste of how dirty the world is."

 [4/13/18, 9:00:36 PM] D.S.L.: lmao 

[4/13/18, 9:00:45 PM] MRB: HAHAHAHA. Oh, jesus! 

[4/13/18, 9:00:51 PM] D.S.L.: "Then I directed her to hold the camera while Tye Drone performed a circle with.... ME!"

 [4/13/18, 9:00:55 PM] D.S.L.: "....But only so that I could cleanse him. And we could be whole." 

[4/13/18, 9:00:57 PM] MRB: HAHAHAHAH 

[4/13/18, 9:00:58 PM] D.S.L.: roflmao 

[4/13/18, 9:01:09 PM] MRB: little does he know she LOVED IT with Tye Drone! 

 [4/13/18, 9:01:29 PM] D.S.L.: "It was a, how you say, ‘Baptism’, or ‘Circumcision’, or…’what Jesus would do' or whatever smooths it over at the base. You know. " 

[4/13/18, 9:01:42 PM] MRB: WWJD 

 [4/13/18, 9:01:56 PM] DSL: "And Tye Drone screamed, “Oh, God”. Because I am. And so it is. That, I can tell you." 

[4/13/18, 9:02:09 PM] MRB: jesus chirst, honey. HAHAHAHA 

[4/13/18, 9:02:18 PM] DSL: See, not many people know this, but I am Lordy DINGO's new, renovated, substitute Press Sexy Rhetoricallary, 6x removed. I translate for Teh DING, as necessary. 

[4/13/18, 9:02:21 PM] D.S.L. : ;) 

 [4/13/18, 9:02:22 PM] MRB: I can just hear you going on a verbal rant….. 

[4/13/18, 9:02:38 PM] MRB: You're too much.

 [4/13/18, 9:02:55 PM] D.S.L.: “Believe me, I want this to be a circle of love. Because we are all just jerks, after all. And so we must. Come to Juices Camp." 

 [4/13/18, 9:03:19 PM] MRB: I'm shocked you didn’t use 'cum to jesus'. HAHAHA. 

 [4/13/18, 9:04:21 PM] D.S.L.: That would be inaccurate. 


 [4/13/18, 9:04:22 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 9:04:32 PM] MRB: HAHHAHAHA. Because they can’t.

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