Thursday, December 6, 2018

A ThoughtWatch Thursday With Zora Neale HURSTON (quotations)

"Research is formalized curiosity.  It is poking and prying with a purpose."

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."

"Those that don't got it can't show it.  Those that got it can't hide it."

"If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it."  

"Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers.  Real gods require blood." 

Quotations by Author and Anthropologist, Zora Neale HURSTON

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

~*~ Getting You Over The Hump With Ahhh Memories' Landing ~*~ (photogallery)

(2004) Deutschland             Credit: Scorpion

{2004} Deutschland    Credit: Scorpion

{2004}  Deutschland        Credit: Scorpion

{2004}   Deutschland          Credit: Scorpion

{2004} Deutschland             Credit: Scorpion

{2013}  Rancho Palos Verdes, California      Credit: Scorpion

{2013} Rancho Palos Verdes, California    Credit: Scorpion

{2013}  Rancho Palos Verdes, California      Credit: Scorpion

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@ImSandraLondon 2013

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Getting You Over The Hump with Woody Would-Dukks


 How Much Would
Should A Would-Not Duck,
If A PlOTapUSsy
Be Deemed G00d?

How Much Would
Could A Spurned Brood Wield
If A Turned Coat
Had No H00d? 

Another On-The-Spot Quip, 
wriiten and published by 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Making It A Mark Twain Tuesday (quotations)

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

"There are basically two types of people.  People who accomplish things and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded."

- Dali -

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

         "A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."

         "Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today." 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

My Right Hand At Banned Friction: Another On-The-Spot Schpiel (Erotica/1st FanFiction)

                               Writings On The Wall

-A stream-of-consciousness internet chat and ad-lib* between:

Yours Truly, Sandra LONDON of LiveAndGrind 


 {Privileged} from the Eastern Coast.

*Rough Draft


- Sandra LONDON as Domina S.L. (D.S.L.

- {Privileged} as Mr Red BARE (MRB)


- Sandra LONDON as The Emboldened Translator



[4/13/18, 8:50:59 PM] Domina S.L. : JAX LOANS is pretty unhappy now... 

[4/13/18, 8:51:30 PM] Mr Red BARE: JAX is always, always miserable… 

[4/13/18, 8:51:42 PM] Domina S.L. : JAX says, "Phuk Lordy DINGO!!!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:51:50 PM] D.S.L.: I thought Lordy DINGO was his boo. 

 [4/13/18, 8:52:21 PM] Mr Red BARE: JAX has to! In order to save face, that's what he’s always done….. He’s like a coin in the air.... 

 [4/13/18, 8:52:42 PM] D.S.L.: https://twixxxxx... 

 [4/13/18, 8:53:40 PM] MRB: JAX is verbal garbage. 

[4/13/18, 8:53:55 PM] MRB: Sounds very manic.

 [4/13/18, 8:53:57 PM] D.S.L.: The bromance is OVER!!!! 

[4/13/18, 8:54:07 PM] D.S.L.: I wanna know 'what war he done been in?' 

[4/13/18, 8:54:09 PM] D.S.L.: ;) 

 [4/13/18, 8:54:33 PM] Mr Red BARE: hahahaha. You're a bigger heart than me, honey. 

[4/13/18, 8:54:55 PM] D.S.L.: If Lordy DINGO weren’t so busy strip-teasing Red TERRIER and drinking sunny juice, this could’ve been handled earlier and differently. 

[4/13/18, 8:55:24 PM] MRB: hahahha. This is very true…. teh MAN raiding his Fall-Lowers lair is a HUGE deal, though…. 

[4/13/18, 8:55:42 PM] D.S.L.: I swear he wants to lay on ROUGIE-ROO's washboard abs and finger ROUGIE's lower tresslands! 

[4/13/18, 8:55:43 PM] MRB: All DINGO's minions are scrambling now..... 

[4/13/18, 8:55:55 PM] MRB: I bet he HAS ventured through the tress! 

[4/13/18, 8:55:58 PM] D.S.L.: Yes, Fall-LOWER is in deep dodo.

Sandra LONDON  (Virginia 2010-2012)

[4/13/18, 8:56:00 PM] D.S.L.: "Distract!" 

[4/13/18, 8:56:05 PM] D.S.L.: "Obliterate the phukua out some shoo somewhere! Stat!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:56:16 PM] MRB: It's so bad…. babe.

[4/13/18, 8:56:21 PM] D.S.L.: Lordy DINGO is nothing if not predictable……and projects 24/7 

[4/13/18, 8:56:30 PM] D.S.L.: "No collision, YOU’RE the collision…!!! Not my fault I won on accident! " 

 [4/13/18, 8:56:49 PM] MRB: Exactly…. Such an embarrassment.

Chile (Source: Twitter)

 [4/13/18, 8:57:31 PM] D.S.L.: Phukua the sunny waters shell, ...

"I bet next you’re gonna accuse me of eating exit droppings! Because you’re jealous that I wasn’t supposed to win! I did not taste a drop of exit in that other year , let alone on the first evening there! I do not recall that other time zone." 

[4/13/18, 8:57:38 PM] D.S.L. : "Don’t let them lie to you!" 

 [4/13/18, 8:58:06 PM] D.S.L.: "Red-Terre femmes of a certain...time length...are the legal equivalent of our very own in the Bedrock. Many people are saying." 

[4/13/18, 8:58:14 PM] D.S.L.: "They’re lying to you, anyone who says something else!" 

[4/13/18, 8:58:21 PM] D.S.L.: "She never told me her time length, anyways!" 

Source: Twitter

[4/13/18, 8:58:29 PM] MRB: Is that what he said? i stopped listening I can’t listen to all that negativity….. It gets to me even though it shouldn’t….. 

[4/13/18, 8:58:39 PM] D.S.L.: "We optioned to agree that those were her other measurements. Elsewhere." 

[4/13/18, 8:58:41 PM] MRB: oh jesus….Those assholes.... 

[4/13/18, 8:58:42 PM] D.S.L. : "Pre-makeover!" 

[4/13/18, 8:58:47 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 8:58:53 PM] D.S.L.: No, but I bet the DINGO... WILL say it! 

[4/13/18, 8:59:05 PM] MRB: most definitely….. 

[4/13/18, 8:59:18 PM] D.S.L.: I can’t wait to see him caught on tape plopking Lila LATTA. And, when everyone gets horrified, DINGO will say,  

"She ain't no kenemy! She’s half-former-ex RedTerre!" 

[4/13/18, 8:59:21 PM] D.S.L.: "AND adopted!"

[4/13/18, 8:59:22 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 8:59:34 PM] MRB: hahahahah. That's fucked up.

[4/13/18, 8:59:44 PM] D.S.L: "I married Lise Latta, the Younger, in Win-Her-Kalifornie, where there is no minimum age for marriage. Parental consent (Literally, legit, it has been said.)"

 [4/13/18, 9:00:05 PM] MRB: oh jesus, that image is a definite boner killer. hahaha 

 [4/13/18, 9:00:08 PM] D.S.L.: "The Younger’s a hired hand. A latte girl. Creme rises to the top. Not many people know this." 

 [4/13/18, 9:00:28 PM] D.S.L.: "I made her reservations for a party to a loving circle with a Tye Drone once. Just to give her a taste of how dirty the world is."

 [4/13/18, 9:00:36 PM] D.S.L.: lmao 

[4/13/18, 9:00:45 PM] MRB: HAHAHAHA. Oh, jesus! 

[4/13/18, 9:00:51 PM] D.S.L.: "Then I directed her to hold the camera while Tye Drone performed a circle with.... ME!"

 [4/13/18, 9:00:55 PM] D.S.L.: "....But only so that I could cleanse him. And we could be whole." 

[4/13/18, 9:00:57 PM] MRB: HAHAHAHAH 

[4/13/18, 9:00:58 PM] D.S.L.: roflmao 

[4/13/18, 9:01:09 PM] MRB: little does he know she LOVED IT with Tye Drone! 

 [4/13/18, 9:01:29 PM] D.S.L.: "It was a, how you say, ‘Baptism’, or ‘Circumcision’, or…’what Jesus would do' or whatever smooths it over at the base. You know. " 

[4/13/18, 9:01:42 PM] MRB: WWJD 

 [4/13/18, 9:01:56 PM] DSL: "And Tye Drone screamed, “Oh, God”. Because I am. And so it is. That, I can tell you." 

[4/13/18, 9:02:09 PM] MRB: jesus chirst, honey. HAHAHAHA 

[4/13/18, 9:02:18 PM] DSL: See, not many people know this, but I am Lordy DINGO's new, renovated, substitute Press Sexy Rhetoricallary, 6x removed. I translate for Teh DING, as necessary. 

[4/13/18, 9:02:21 PM] D.S.L. : ;) 

 [4/13/18, 9:02:22 PM] MRB: I can just hear you going on a verbal rant….. 

[4/13/18, 9:02:38 PM] MRB: You're too much.

 [4/13/18, 9:02:55 PM] D.S.L.: “Believe me, I want this to be a circle of love. Because we are all just jerks, after all. And so we must. Come to Juices Camp." 

 [4/13/18, 9:03:19 PM] MRB: I'm shocked you didn’t use 'cum to jesus'. HAHAHA. 

 [4/13/18, 9:04:21 PM] D.S.L.: That would be inaccurate. 


 [4/13/18, 9:04:22 PM] D.S.L.: lol 

[4/13/18, 9:04:32 PM] MRB: HAHHAHAHA. Because they can’t.

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