Thursday, August 18, 2016

~*~ Happy 'Now, THAT'S A Billionaire' Thursday ~*~ (satire/poem)

Image Copyright: Meggs of Tampa (November 2015)

A satirical, on-the-spot poem, sung to the tune of "That's Amore" by yours truly, Sandra LONDON

Who can do as One wants
Say whatever One might
That's a Billionaire (2x)

Who can Never be wrong
And retweets for the Likes
That's a Billionaire (2x)

Who hath no need of Reason
Whatever the season/
Immunity- means 'Not Treason'
One must all believe 'im
 The Divine Comedian

---"Dante meet DJ T"
"Oh, have you not seen him?"---

Move on over, Elohim!

The Great One has seized Them
None spared
Not Even Steven!

With blood plugged or wherever
There's No need for Together
Gold has never been better!

Thaaaat's a Billionaire!!!

Image Credit: Meggs of Tampa (November 2015)

***The End***

 An on-the-spot piece of porna-punditry,

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