Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy BHM w/quotations from the Belle of all Others: bell hooks

"No black woman writer in this culture can write "too much."  Indeed, no woman writer can write "too much".  No woman has ever written enough." 

 "Masses of people think that feminism is always and only about women seeking to be equal to men." 

 “I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility. Not this “In order to love you, I must make you something else”. That’s what domination is all about, that in order to be close to you, I must possess you, remake and recast you.” 

" Contrary to what we may have been taught to think, unnecessary and unchosen suffering wound us, but need not scar us for life.  It does mark us. What we allow the mark of our suffering to become is in our hands." 

Wise words from an erudite Oracle, bell hooks

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