Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~Happy Hump Day from Yours Truly, Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind and PlaytimeWithSandra Radio~

South Bay, California November 2015 Credit: Sandra LONDON & Sir Meggs of Tampa, FL

OK. So....Hiiiii!!!! Um, yes it has been more than a brief interval since my last full s(ch)piel on the state of Play.

Anyways, that does NOT mean that I have thought any less of my radio show listeners and blog readers and picture- devourers and the like. 

South Bay, California November 2015 Credit: Sir MEGGS of Tampa, Florida

I always and forever think of what might please you to hear, see, or read....or, at the very least,...energize you and fill you with passion and fury.

That doesn't mean that I ever hit any of those marks. 

But I do try. 

Every now and one more 'gain. 

Venice Beach, CA November 2015  Credit: Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind and PlaytimeWithSandra Radio

Never fear, I have big things in store for my radio show and website. What it will amount to, hopefully, is simply more of the usual in times of yore....thematically, anyways.....

Sharing some of my favorite quotations, beautiful imagery, more dancing, more audio-stories, my radio box-o-love (caddy-corner, upper right-hand)....

Now, a select few of you are aware of the grand scheme of things in regards to my increasingly sporadic posts--- and the lack of my delightfully charming (or infuriating *shrug) drivel as of late. 

Venice Beach, CA  November 2015  Credit: Sandra LONDON of and

I hesitate to do a full 'what you know good' en masse about the whys and wherefore. 

But please know that there is a definite deadline to the intermittent delay which has befallen.

Health-wise, I've been able to rule out most major harbingers of ill-gotten ailments: 

Squeaky clean, sexually and reproductively-speaking, and all that baby-making/harboring(?)-capability madness. 

Venice Beach, CA  November 2015  Credit: Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind & Sir MEGGS of Tampa, Florida

What's more: good liver, good kidneys, good lungs.

I have, for quite some time, known of my other, arguably more trivial ailments, in general, largely anemia-susceptibility, gastro-intestinal weirdness and ...shall we say....attentive-inattentiveness, the shell-shock version.....(a hard-won coping mechanism!).

The best way to explain the latter is that, when stressed out beyond the norm, my mind will go to happy places and zone the heck out to avoid shouting from rooftops or rocking, for days, in a corner, petting the rug incessantly and
 wishing, in vain, to become more life-like...

Like the rug. 


Palos Verdes, California   November 2015 LiveandGrind

I've been told it's called 'Resilience.' ;)

Um, what?!?! 

Never mind, my dears. 

And, although at times I do daydream of the idea of the fuzzy field of delight, always at the ready in the land of Catatonia.  She is not on my destination wishlist!

Point Fermin Park, South Bay, CA November 2015 Live&Grind

Why, it is my surprising ability to cope with extreme, out-of-the-ordinary stressors that has afforded me the opportunity to achieve so much academically, sensually....

 And, dare I say...spiritually? ;)

  OK, ya. 

I do dare say. 

Point Fermin Park, South Bay, California    November 2015 Credit: Live&Grind

 And, arguably, more centered for it!

There just happen to sometimes be surprises that life likes to chuck at one's plate. 

Or, not even quite surprises, but like, “What ifs?” that appear to threaten normal, like,the harmless query,

Where do you see yourself five years from now?” 

suddenly becomes a cruel, perverse form of mockery.....
Point Fermin  South Bay, California November 2015 Credit: Live&Grind

causing me (and, perhaps, others similarly situated in seemingly perpetual 'wait') to frown and (inwardly) exclaim, 

“Getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?” 


“How rude!”

Pt Fermin   November 2015 -Sandra LONDON Credit: Sir MEGGS of Tampa, FL


I am nothing if not...confusing...Right?

I really do apologize, but it is actually the best I can do until I find out how the % of certain properties in my bone marrow turn out. 

There is no more to add to the aforementioned statement in the meanwhile.

Korean Friendship Bell   Pt Fermin Park South Bay, California  Credit: Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind

So, as in life and internet as in home space and inner solitude, I can do nothing but wait and wish for the best.  

I must also be ready to accept that, in the worst case scenario, it will suddenly never be too soon to do some (early-ish) planning of, like, funerary(?) rites (heh) or what have you.

 Oh, gosh!

Please don't read too much into that. 

The Friendship Bell  South Bay, California Novmber 2015  Credit: Live&Grind

Let's just not go there, yes? 

I don't even know yet. 

And, conceding the fact that I don't know and continue to not know what's good (or not-so-much) while multitudes of tests have ruled out nearly-almost everything under the sun just increases the probability that, perhaps, I needn't be in a hurry to 'foresee' a gosh-damn thing at all!

So, yeah.

There's that.

For the indefinite......indefinite, I'll just keep on truckin' 'til the warning light
flashes on. 

I left my 'berth' with a full tank, yo!

Korean Friendship Bell-Pt Fermin South Bay, CA Credit: Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind

p.s.: And, yes, I WILL reveal whatever the heck answers I receive when I know them, gleaned from the likes of those more practiced than me, medically-speaking.

Oh, some resolution in the form of, perhaps, one or more medical conclusions, or, at least, more educated guesses.

Or, if nothing else, more of what it isn't! 
South Bay, California November 2015  Credit: Live&Grind

Like, for example, my forewarning to the xray tech(s) of my sub-muscular, axial silicone gel breast implants, but forgetting to mention (or even remember!) that I have not any garden-variety underwear on, but stripper-y, shimmery bikini 'stage-worthy' undies. 

With a V-neck/dip, FTW (!). 

With silver metal hooks and chains on the sides.

During a bone xray. 

San Pedro California Harbor at night  November 2015 Credit: Sir MEGGS of Tampa, Florida

I suddenly understood their increasing look of alarm.

'Hey, my apologies! But y'all said I could leave my panties and socks on!!!' **embarrassed chuckles**

My mind took panties literally.  

And, more often than not, that'd probably be just fine., you know what I mean. 


Pretty Bird!!! Palos Verdes Peninsula, California November 2015  Credit: Sir MEGGS of Tampa, Florida

'Normal' people don't 'normally' wear panties with metal cut-outs at the hip and rhinestones and dangly chains.  

And, if they so happen to do such, they definitely do not FORGET such a happenstance in so doing!


What it isn't!

Palos Verdes Peninsula  November 2015 Credit: Sir MEGGS

Love you all,

Pretty Bird   November 2015 Credit: Sir MEGGS of Tampa, Florida

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy BHM w/quotations from the Belle of all Others: bell hooks

"No black woman writer in this culture can write "too much."  Indeed, no woman writer can write "too much".  No woman has ever written enough." 

 "Masses of people think that feminism is always and only about women seeking to be equal to men." 

 “I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility. Not this “In order to love you, I must make you something else”. That’s what domination is all about, that in order to be close to you, I must possess you, remake and recast you.” 

" Contrary to what we may have been taught to think, unnecessary and unchosen suffering wound us, but need not scar us for life.  It does mark us. What we allow the mark of our suffering to become is in our hands." 

Wise words from an erudite Oracle, bell hooks

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