Wednesday, December 21, 2016

~*~ Getting You Over The Hump: Happy Winter Solstice ~*~


"The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat." 
                                           - CONFUCIUS

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       "What is now proved was once only imagined." 
                                             -William BLAKE

 MorgueFile Photos for Creatives

"No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire."
- L Frank BAUM, The Lost Princess of OZ

"You can spend your whole life building a wall of facts between you and anything real." 

MorgueFile Stock Photography

"...Are they not by nature simple creatures of our own making? Must they also be gods?" 
- Anonymous, POPUL VUH   Image Credit: LauraMusikanski

 "I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." 
Anaïs Nin


" The knowledge of all things is possible."

-Leonardo Da VINCI


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

~*~ Happy 'Now, THAT'S A Billionaire' Thursday ~*~ (satire/poem)

Image Copyright: Meggs of Tampa (November 2015)

A satirical, on-the-spot poem, sung to the tune of "That's Amore" by yours truly, Sandra LONDON

Who can do as One wants
Say whatever One might
That's a Billionaire (2x)

Who can Never be wrong
And retweets for the Likes
That's a Billionaire (2x)

Who hath no need of Reason
Whatever the season/
Immunity- means 'Not Treason'
One must all believe 'im
 The Divine Comedian

---"Dante meet DJ T"
"Oh, have you not seen him?"---

Move on over, Elohim!

The Great One has seized Them
None spared
Not Even Steven!

With blood plugged or wherever
There's No need for Together
Gold has never been better!

Thaaaat's a Billionaire!!!

Image Credit: Meggs of Tampa (November 2015)

***The End***

 An on-the-spot piece of porna-punditry,

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

~*~ Happy 4th of JULY Weekend with Qualified Quotables ~*~

 " I think it would be a good idea." -MAHATMA GHANDI, when asked what he thought about western civilization.

" I asked a referee if he could give me a technical foul for thinking bad things about him. He said, " Of course not." I said, " Well, I think you stink." And he gave me a technical. You can't trust 'em."   -Jim VALVANO, 1983 North Carolina University's Men's Basketball Team Coach

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." - George MacDonald, Scottish Fantasy Author

" No man has ever put his hand up a girl's dress looking for a library card." - Joan RIVERS

 " When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: Whose? " - Don MARQUIS, American Journalist

Happy Birthday, Corvette 30 June 1953

HAPPY 4th of JULY Weekend,

**Quotations provided via: The Quotable A**hole by Eric GRZYMKOWSKI
***Images: MorgueFile

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

~*~ PWS Radio: Waiting In The Purple Room ~*~

Waiting Room (above), a song performed by Gwen STEFANI, featuring Pr1nce, aka The L0v3 SymB0L3, along with 'Darling Nikki, was one of my oft-performed dance sets in zee club. 

The L0v3 SymB0L3 is the Most Beautiful embodiment of a Human Phoenix. 

Image Source: Wikipedia

~*~ Rock-Out In Paradise, Notre PRINCE ~*~

 Sandra LONDON
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Hump Day: The Return of Sexy, Inked Model, Sully SAVAGE

Tune in to PlaytimeWithSandra Radio this Sunday, 10 April 2016 at 8:00pm Pacific Time , for  The Sully SAVAGE Interview part II

Listen HERE to reacquaint yourself with lovely Inked Model, Sully SAVAGE on PlaytimeWithSandra Radio Episode:  The Sully SAVAGE Interview (Part I)

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Post-Pascha Recap: PWS Radio with Sandra LONDON ft Jekyll and Hyde

Image Credit: Anonymous

Air Date: 27 March 2016
Audio-Recording: Chapter 9 Dr Lanyon's Narrative (in full)
Novella: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Author: Robert Louis STEVENSON

Audio-Recorded by Sandra LONDON of LiveAndGrind

Start Time(Ch 9 Jekyll & Hyde): 
27:08 (p1) ; 33:49 (p2) ; 41:02 (p3) ; 49:12 (p4)

End Time (Ch 9 Jekyll and Hyde): 
33:40 (p1) ; 39:21 (p2) ; 47:24 (p3) ; 56:00 (p4)

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