Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting You Over The Hump With Playtime With Sandra Radio Top Stats

      The Playtime With Sandra Radio Episode TopList

                          Top 2012 PWS Radio Episode

17 June 2012: Like Playtime For Swing Sets
- A Mandy MONROE & CO Show  

Adult Film Actress, Mandy Monroe

                         Top 2013  PWS Radio Episode

30 June 2013: PWS- Sultry Summer Sizzlers

Courtesy of MorgueFile

                    Top 2014 PWS Radio Episode

27 July 2014: SLO Erotika Marathon part 2

30 March 2014: RePlay* PWS Radio-Into The Belle Room (original air date: 13 January 2014)
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Wikipedia)

                     Top 2015 PWS Radio Episode

12 April 2015: PWS Radio- Winding Down Your Weekender
Dik-Dik (Wikipedia)

~All-Time Playtime With Sandra Radio Stats from BlogTalkRadio~

102,156 Total Listens
585 Total LIVE Listens
55,502 Total PWS Profile Views

Date of First Episode: 12 February 2012
Date of Latest Episode:  15 November 2015

All-Time Top Episode by Total Listens:  
Like Playtime For Swing Sets: The Mandy MONROE & CO Show 6,519 total listens (June 2012 Original Broadcast & June 2013 RePlay) 

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