Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday: On Unbearable Whiteness and Dirty Pillows

RHINELANDER v RHINELANDER 'The strange case of a Blue-Blood and a Brown Nipple  that met an impasse.' -S.L.

' By thy hazy nipple hue, shall your true colors ring true!!!!!' -Sandra LONDON

 'Please disclose your nipples and the back of your legs....and your torso...for the jury...and the judge, please. Ahem. Nice. Yes.' -Sandra LONDON


 Karen: If you're from Africa, why are you white?
Gretchen: Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.    -MeanGirls <movie>

Sandra LAING (in the middle) with her biological Afrikaner parents. Biologically 'White', Legally 'White'; Socially 'Black' and kicked out of her private, all-White boarding school, despite DNA tests proving she was the genetic offspring of the two parents shown above. Ostracized by her classmates at the boarding school for being 'dirty all over' when showering and dressing for gym.

Mostafa HEFNY, Legally "White" in the U.S. due to his being Nubian from Sudan region of Africa. All Northern Africans and Europeans (or of European origins, i.e. 'Afrikaners, etc in South Africa' and Middle Easterners (and Puerto Ricans) are considered 'White' for classification purposes in America; phenotype, be damned: dark skin/light skin, straight hair/kinky hair. No's...GEOGRAPHY that counts in this instance. ;)

Alecia Faith PENNINGTON, technically 'invisible' due to being largely undocumented, being born at home, home-schooled, no proof of vaccinations, and whose parents refused to provide 'pregnancy photos, midwife records, affidavits, and vaccination records' to the State of Texas to create a primary official birth document and establish her right to due process...even 19 years after Alecia's birth.

The moral of today's examples of racial 'classifications'?  

That in today's world, one can self-identify their best 'fit', socially, and sometimes contractually, on an informal basis.

 However, as historical precedent does not catch up to modernity as quickly as social customs, 'your best legal truth' might, in fact, look nothing like you. 

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