Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scrambled Sexy # 2:The Adventures of AYE and BEE and She


AYE: I doth proclaim, that Lassie, She be a mighty vapid One!

BEE: Aye, but She be deemed La Grande Demoiselle, my son!

AYE: I am privy to La Posh, hear, hear? One who jeers and jives in Latin...

BEE: Well, La Dame's poetry may be tawdry, but Her panties, they be of Satin!

Ingres-La Grande Odalisque

AYE: Will She drink the finest wine?

BEE: If it be of you, She may not decline.

AYE: Will She try me on for size?

BEE: If you rise gently before Her eyes.

AYE: Alas, my belts, they be of Suede.

BEE: Egads! My qat, be not forbade!

AYE: We shall fool with a taw, with glaze 'a fire....

BEE: She eats emu, you know, last I inquired...

  AYE: Fa! A long, long way to welt a Squire!

BEE: As if on cue, La Dame has come to perspire.

**Scrambled Sexy #2 Quick 'n Delightful Ditty made using Master W.'s Winning Scrabble Words


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