Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Zero Day Thirty: Say HOOOT


A Call is initiated to emer-gency dispatch, on October 7, 2015 or on July 10, 2015:

Sandra London- Orange County Halloween Costume Contest (2nd Place)

[7/10/15, 6:28:40 PM] So Lo: Yes, sir....or.... madam, my apologies in advance, 

But... I need some.....like, urgent..assistance....

Yes, yes, any emergency operator will do...

No, I do not have a preference.

That's not what I meant, sorry!


Sandra London- Santa Barbara, California


Please, someone, anyone.....just...

Yes, I'll hold, but please, please...help me.....


This.....Uh, i believe it is an...OWL......keeps.... slapping me and my gardener REPEATEDLY

[7/10/15, 6:28:44 PM] So Lo: OW!

[7/10/15, 6:29:04 PM] So Lo: No, no, I was saying OW...But there is also, indeed, an OWL....OWWWW

[7/10/15, 6:29:19 PM] Emer-gency Ops: L......

[7/10/15, 6:29:34 PM] So Lo: No, I am not under the influence of any illicit substance or knowing consumption of any, to my best knowledge of this statement...OWWWWW

Point Fermin Park November 2015

[7/10/15, 6:29:45 PM] Emer-gency Ops: L.......

[7/10/15, 6:29:45 PM] So Lo: MY EYES....WHY? Why? OWWWWW........

[7/10/15, 6:30:01 PM] So Lo: 0 0

[7/10/15, 6:30:10 PM] Emer-gency Ops: L

[7/10/15, 6:32:53 PM] So Lo: No, that was me, speaking American English, yes....Onomatopeia....OK. Yeah, no. THAT wasn't English. Originally, anyways. Greek, maybe?

A description? 

Um, one of my eyes is now swollen shut, but he, I think, yes, he appears to be a he and is....cloaked.....uh, masked......um.....coloured......?

No, i am not making a prank call!

Sandra London -October 28, 2013

No, i am not a member of a racist organization.....

What the...?

I am doing the BEST i can!

No, he did not make any audibly threatening statements.

His gestures …...just... landed on my face descended without warning!

No, I do not know if he is prone to tourettes or whether he has epilepsy....

No, i did not see a driver license or proof of identity.

Sandra London -Santa Barbara, California

Yes, I apologize for making this assumption. Yes, I understand your admonition. 

Can you just....listen...or get someone over here, please, please, pretty please?

It is possible this subject's name is..... (*THWACK*)......


No, i am not making racist statements......

Wait, are you serious?!?!

Point Fermin Park November 2015

[7/10/15, 6:35:08 PM] So Lo: Oh no, the... Subject just ....hugged me....with ...their......WINGS?

No, I am not a fundamentalist orthodox member of any sect or private club, I don't think....

No, I am not using slang, I'm describing...to the best of my.....

No, I did not attempt to procure nor solicit sex from the Subject....

I said SECT....S-E-C—Oww.....!!!

Point Fermin Park November 2015

[7/10/15, 6:35:54 PM] So Lo: No, the....Subject is not proposition me on the street, as far as I know, anyways....

I was on my way home from work.....

At a job.....

That is indoors......

Like, literally, literally....


[7/10/15, 6:37:26 PM] So Lo: Really?!?!?!? OK...*sigh* YES, I'll HOLD....

But,but... please hurry, I think the... Subject understands the English language.

Why?Oh, wait...I'm NOT on hoooooold?

Well, because the....the...Subject... is now hugging me TIGHTER ever since I said HOLD.......OWWWW......

Point Fermin Park November 2015

I don't KNOW WHOOOO.......aaahhhhhh.......

[7/10/15, 6:37:33 PM] So Lo: (*mouth full of feathers*)

Sandra London-Orange County Halloween Costume Contest (2nd Place)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting You Over The Hump With Playtime With Sandra Radio Top Stats

      The Playtime With Sandra Radio Episode TopList

                          Top 2012 PWS Radio Episode

17 June 2012: Like Playtime For Swing Sets
- A Mandy MONROE & CO Show  

Adult Film Actress, Mandy Monroe

                         Top 2013  PWS Radio Episode

30 June 2013: PWS- Sultry Summer Sizzlers

Courtesy of MorgueFile

                    Top 2014 PWS Radio Episode

27 July 2014: SLO Erotika Marathon part 2

30 March 2014: RePlay* PWS Radio-Into The Belle Room (original air date: 13 January 2014)
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Wikipedia)

                     Top 2015 PWS Radio Episode

12 April 2015: PWS Radio- Winding Down Your Weekender
Dik-Dik (Wikipedia)

~All-Time Playtime With Sandra Radio Stats from BlogTalkRadio~

102,156 Total Listens
585 Total LIVE Listens
55,502 Total PWS Profile Views

Date of First Episode: 12 February 2012
Date of Latest Episode:  15 November 2015

All-Time Top Episode by Total Listens:  
Like Playtime For Swing Sets: The Mandy MONROE & CO Show 6,519 total listens (June 2012 Original Broadcast & June 2013 RePlay) 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

The MeggsWorld Interview: Sweltering Sands and Sultry Knights

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The MeggsWorld Interview

Redhead Model, Lauren Phillips, Photographer, Meggs of MeggsWorld, and Blonde Model, Sara Vendella

 Check out more of Meggs' work, with Feature Articles at:

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

~*~ Happy Weekend With A Sci-Fi Salute to Manu Propia ~*~

Image Credit: MorgueFile.com  "natureworks"

"You're not a guard now, madame! You're a prisoner! I may leave here today empty-handed. But you....are not going anywhere." - The Boys From Brazil (film based on the novel of the same name, by Ira LEVIN)

Image Credit: MorgueFile.com  "pippalou"

Gertrud: (Mengele has just knocked Mundt to the floor) Get a doctor!!!

 Dr. Mengele: I am a doctor, idiot.

Gertrud: Don't you come near him!

Dr. Mengele: Shut up, you ugly bitch.

Image Credit:  MorgueFile.com "pedrojperez"

Professor Bruckner: Cloning. What if I were to tell you that I could take a scraping of skin from your finger and create another Ezra Lieberman?

Ezra Lieberman: I would tell you not to waste your time on my finger.

Image Credit: MorgueFile.com  "seenicks"

Barry Kohler: Okay, I'm running it down now. It will only take a second. 

Ezra Lieberman: Take your time. Old men don't go back to sleep once they've been awakened.

Image Credit: MorgueFile.com  "jorgeyu"

Ezra Lieberman: You know, there was a nurse here. An angel of mercy called Miss Hannah, who actually gives me cigarettes. You know what she said to me the other day? She said, ' Mr Lieberman, if you can escape Buchenwald, and you can escape those bullets, then a few cigarettes will not hurt you.'

(suddenly lights the list on fire...)

Isn't that a nice thing to say?  

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~*~ A Tee-Hee Tickle Tuesday With Lunch On the Grass ~*~

MorgueFile    Image Credit: MichelleBulgaria

 " It's my cat's birthday, today." -Red, Pineapple Express

MorgueFile    Image Credit: ciconroy

" You need to sit your little sexy ass down and watch yourself get killed now." -Matheson, Pineapple Express

MorgueFile    Image Credit: rosevita

" I wanna be inside you, Homes." -Red, Pineapple Express

MorgueFile     Image Credit: pippalou

" A cop, a lady, and a guy, man! That's like a massacre, man! You saw that?" -Saul, Pineapple Express

MorgueFile     Image Credit: hotblack

"Hey, look! It's like my thumb is my cock."  -Saul (while hitchhiking), Pineapple Express

MorgueFile     Image Credit: PygloriCafe

"I seent you pull somebody jawbone off! I seent it." -Matheson, Pineapple Express

MorgueFile    Image Credit:  butkovicdub

" When we were in the woods, I gave you my jacket. You were cold and I CLOTHED you." -Dale, Pineapple Express

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Moan Day: Storytime With Sandra Ch 1-4 Audio-Recording of 'Jekyll & Hyde'

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Audio-Recording of chapters 1-4 of Robert Louis STEVENSON's novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde , performed by Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind

Air Date: Sunday, June 14, 2015 for Playtime With Sandra Radio, featuring your radio hostess, Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday: On Unbearable Whiteness and Dirty Pillows

RHINELANDER v RHINELANDER 'The strange case of a Blue-Blood and a Brown Nipple  that met an impasse.' -S.L.

' By thy hazy nipple hue, shall your true colors ring true!!!!!' -Sandra LONDON

 'Please disclose your nipples and the back of your legs....and your torso...for the jury...and the judge, please. Ahem. Nice. Yes.' -Sandra LONDON


 Karen: If you're from Africa, why are you white?
Gretchen: Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.    -MeanGirls <movie>

Sandra LAING (in the middle) with her biological Afrikaner parents. Biologically 'White', Legally 'White'; Socially 'Black' and kicked out of her private, all-White boarding school, despite DNA tests proving she was the genetic offspring of the two parents shown above. Ostracized by her classmates at the boarding school for being 'dirty all over' when showering and dressing for gym.

Mostafa HEFNY, Legally "White" in the U.S. due to his being Nubian from Sudan region of Africa. All Northern Africans and Europeans (or of European origins, i.e. 'Afrikaners, etc in South Africa' and Middle Easterners (and Puerto Ricans) are considered 'White' for classification purposes in America; phenotype, be damned: dark skin/light skin, straight hair/kinky hair. No matter...it's...GEOGRAPHY that counts in this instance. ;)

Alecia Faith PENNINGTON, technically 'invisible' due to being largely undocumented, being born at home, home-schooled, no proof of vaccinations, and whose parents refused to provide 'pregnancy photos, midwife records, affidavits, and vaccination records' to the State of Texas to create a primary official birth document and establish her right to due process...even 19 years after Alecia's birth.

The moral of today's examples of racial 'classifications'?  

That in today's world, one can self-identify their best 'fit', socially, and sometimes contractually, on an informal basis.

 However, as historical precedent does not catch up to modernity as quickly as social customs, 'your best legal truth' might, in fact, look nothing like you. 

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