Thursday, June 12, 2014

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At 04h17, on 18 APR 1911, I had about come undone. Finito. Cooked. Over.

I know this now.

You won't.

It is what is in the writing that counts, above all things.

DECEASED: Jane or John Doe.

There are three whole hours in there, or, just about. And one or more others, or thereabout.

I remember.

My hair. Down to there. Everywhere.

My tongue. My tears.

My tits. My pussy. Pretty skull.

The cold. Darkness.

The Order:

Lean back, look up, eyes closed.
Wrap your lips 'round. 

Sealed. Skintight.

The light. Ugh. Lights.

Harsh, gross. 

So profane. So brilliant. My DDs:

"Mais, moi, je ne pose pas, messieurs …I shield my brights in polite society, merci bien!"

 Sacre bleu.

The smoke. The probe.

A rescue. A seizure.

Your hands. My waist.

A pleasant plop. Aplomb.

Eternal warmth---then abandon.

A Hoverer. A tunnel.

Alien and alone, all at the same time.

Color blind. Colorless.

A heady omnipresence of grey, gray, ghey.

A cockfest catastrophe--- with no end. 

No sight.

Some savior. Some witness.

A messenger. A call for agency.


Long pause....

Vile accusations. Pressure.

A lift.

Long pause....


A face-plant.

Long pause...

I wail. I plead. 

Mercy? ear?

An end?

Long pause.....

I dread the blur; the wait. Fluid time.

I seek connaissance:

"I could be more than me! Possibly! 1 and 1/9th ? 1 and 2/9th ? Maybe less? Maybe more? Let's see..."

A producer, if you will. 

Produce, if you must. 

Or insist. 

But never. Not ever---- A director.

A dwelling, per se. Per chance. (Curtilage included.)

A box within a box.

Packaging: Born at sea. 

Submission: Born in the air.

This box squared. 
On Ready-made display.

THIS Play.



Wonder, woman.


Look at. Talk at. 

Written around. Written without. 

Stamped within. Shrouded in code.

Valued at: 1/9th , maybe 2/9th but never as 1.

Time of Birth: 04h17.

Time of Death: 01h20.

A Still Life.


Your Last Breath,
Sandra LONDON 

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