Tuesday, May 13, 2014

~*~The People, According to ~STARling~ ~*~ ;)


The People, According to *STARling*

in re: Transcript of Anderson Interview with Donald “STARling”

The Girl

Is possibly a UV-Ray-Veiled Sorceress of Unknown Origin with the power to hypnotize The Owner with Jedi Knightress Mind Tricks, forcing The Owner's mouth to form utterances that are morally repugnant and 'terrible' to re-remember 'in context'.

Has a gift for speaking in tongues: A seldom-used secret weapon of 'Strange Talk' that comes seemingly out of nowhere, involving foreign, political words rarely heard escaping the lips of Delicatessens. 

Words of erudition like 'people', 'Instagram', and 'black', which are are unfamiliar, alarming and could only ever befuddle the 80 year old ear.

Is a Flower (or a Girl) who Is, regrettably, not bound* by contract, confidential/non-disclosure or otherwise.

Is not a billionaire and not technically a millionaire, but has stood close to both.

Probably has at least three friends (those 4 box seats) on any given game night.

Is a Girl (or a Flower) who is not bound* by contractual agreement, confidential or otherwise.

Has voluntarily and consensually stood and walked next to persons or people who are darker than her in a public place, where media are known to be present.

-Is a Girl, Woman, or a Flower who The Owner has met with at least once in private conversation, if memory self-serves.

Appears to have given the appearance of exercising outstanding professional courtesy.

Is younger than The Owner's wedding cake.

Is someone The Owner does not trust.

Is someone The Owner would have wanted to have and to have known, biblically and/or sufficiently.

Is reimbursing a Company of The Owner for its No-Business Interest Loan.

The BIG People: Majic

Has the power to lull The Owner into suspended animation for seven days with a single phone call from an undisclosed number.

Is someone who has not done a harmful thing to anyone.

Without a doubt, knew every “Girl” in “every city in America” over twenty years ago.

Is to be universally admired, but only if you're 18 years of age or older and/or reside outside of the jurisdiction of Los Angeles.

Ought to be respected for every irrelevant thing that he does, 'you know', in so far as not helping black people in South L.A. And The Owner wants to help, too.


Is sooo apologetic.

Guesses words when and as he speaks to anyone outside of himself, notwithstanding those who are not him.

(White or Latina?, Flower or Girl? People? What people? Some People? Many, many people? )

Likes (or liked, or LIKED) a girl, and, for that, he is foolish.

Will not discuss women, their effects, nor what goes into them.

Has kept track of each and every time flowers have spoken five-letter words.

Finds it 'terrible, terrible' that Somebody, Them, and They heard what he said about what he represents.

Is sorry that 'you people' are ignorant as to what it takes to attempt to impress The Delicate.

Has recently discovered that his grandchild may possibly be associated with a private corporation which espouses and implements exclusionary practices.

Is sooo apologetic.

Loves People, Some People, and Many, Many people.

Feels that he has hurt Binders of People. Possibly, innocent(ly), too.

Would love to be asked by a big, irrelevant black guy to help the minorities he loves helping.

Loves to feed, house, clothe, and provide for beautiful, black bodies. A real Captain Save-A-Pro.

Is/was bound by private contract with at least 29 other OWNERs.

Is sooo apologetic.


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