Saturday, March 1, 2014

~A Saturday Splash: When It Rains....I Get Wet~

St Malo Beach (NOT SoCal) Source: Wikipedia
Ayy....where to begin? 

Well, what do we have in our SoCal region? Wetness. Rain. Mud. Grey skies. Tornado watches....


Ya. Like in Pomona area or some such.


Well, if only it had happened BEFORE the big ole mega-multi-million dollar allotment for drought relief. Or not. Just joshin'. Who knows?


Well, with the weather showing its naughty side, I suppose that can take my mind off of semi-recent food poisoning (eek!) and my inadvertent lack of broadcasting for two weeks in a row. 

I know, I know. But, trust me, you have been spared, lovingly, from any spontaneous projectile spurts of lovely eau d'eww...

Nils Blommer (Source: Wikipedia)

No more overshare. 

Moving along...

Now, although I cannot see Russia from my house, I CAN see miles and miles and aeons of H20. 

Sandra LONDON (West Hollywood, CA)

The Pacific sure is a beauty, even when she's moody. 

Or is that muddy? Muddled? BLURRY! 

Well, whatever She is, I can see her and hear her as the sky commingles with Her and leaves Her positively bursting.

South Bay, L.A. View of Pacific Ocean

And, as it appears as though the sky feels we could all use a celestial shower of some sort (or perhaps just a reeally good hosing off),...

Well, I dropped the soap at "Hello". ;)


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