Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Wildcard Weekend: Go 49ers and How Do You Do on VIDEO?

 Check out the three hot videos above for some truly stellar beats, lyrics, and super-hot style!

Congratulations to San Francisco 49ers for killin' em softly (Green Bay, I love you, but SF comes FIRST!) and, woohoo (!), I won my first sports wager for the first time in a LONG time by counting on the home of all things cutting edge, tech, scholarly, and freedom-lovin'!  

Despite the multitude of far-flung travels I have done in my lifetime, I have yet to visit Wisconsin to see what it is all about upclose and in person....Someday, one day. Upon a time! what else is new? 

Well, tonight I will be doing a video and audio broadcast for the latest episode of Playtime With Sandra (8pm Pacific Time). 

Is it weird to be nervous when I spend the majority of my spare and/or work time filming myself in various states of dance and nudity?  

Who can say?

Anyways, hopefully the show will be a LIVE video stream, but, if somehow not possible, then...

" I, your Playtime With Sandra Radio hostess, Sandra LONDON, do hereby promise to self-record, simultaneously on video, while doing my usual LIVE audio this evening."-Sandra LONDON

 I plan on providing the video and audio version within two to twenty-four hours for your viewing and aural pleasure if unable to livestream.

Oh, my...Now I have to get dressed....Waaahh...

See You Soon,

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