Monday, January 27, 2014

~Happy Moan Day With Grammy Tales from Last Night~

Sandra LONDON (January 2014)
Good evening, messieurs-dames! How did we (you ;)) all like the Grammys last night?

I was very pleased to see Daft Punk do so up with their 'hats' on!!!! Right on!

Um, and...hmm...oh, yes, 

Sandra LONDON (January 2014)

-> PINK was awesome doing all that aerial work to accompany such an amazing voice.

-> The Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons collabo was an instant 'virtual contact buzz'...I could seriously feel all that energy. 

Despite not being awarded a Grammy, I think Kendrick's true talent and showmanship will lead the way to much broader recognition and have a net effect of MORE listenership...and a very promising future. 

Sandra LONDON (January 2014)

-> I love Lorde's style...When I first heard her "Royals" song I felt it was catchy but didn't give it much thought beyond that.


Well, mainly because I was tickled by the "ahh-woo, ahh-woo, ahh-wooooooo" that, then and now, remind me of a Malamute's howl or of my own doggys growing up. 

Or, like a coyote. 

Sir Fyodor for Live&Grind (January 2014)

My Sir Fy Fy (aka "Kafka") puppy-doggy, in contrast, doesn't really do it that way. 

His breed, Moscow Terrier, has their own interesting, inherent sounds. 

Aside from that standard deviation, I would SWEAR that Sir FyFy's chords vocalize "Hello" every now and again, regardless of whether he knows the meaning or intent of his message!!!

Sir Fyodor for Live&Grind (January 2014)

OK, but that is digressing. Anyways....! 

Lorde has a very unique style and I loved watching her perform on stage. She is a leader in her own right.

Oooh...and BEYONCE! Born entertainer! Thrilling on stage, in my opinion, because she knows how to toe the line between 'too hot territory' and 'ultra sexy glam'. Love her!

And Bruno Mars. Friggin' genius.

That is all I have to say about all that at the moment.

Sandra LONDON (January 2014)

My apologies for lack of broadcasting last night. 

Did a two-set photo shooting and, feeling groggy afterwards, took a nap that left me unable to remember myself for too many mind-numbing minutes <I set an alarm to be able to get up and prep for the show ahead of time>.  

Sandra LONDON (January 2014)

Then when I forced myself to sit up, I just sat staring at the clock, willing it to stop moving because my legs refused to assist me in standing up.  


But I did get to actually watch The Show, in its entirety, for the first time in quite a few years. 

So there's that.  

Happy MOAN Day,

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