Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Moan Day With A Few Meandering Musings

Sandra LONDON (Photographer: JuicyBunny)

Has L33T-SP3@K assimilation rendered the real world irreconcilably unintelligible? In real-time? ;)

Sandra LONDON (2007: GlamourPhotos)

Why am I so in love with the study of textual analysis and the linguistic concept of a “negative pregnant”?

Would it be fair to say that Ethan Couch is just another person who is 'too pretty to do math'? *This is not an endorsement. More of a comparative analogy.

If Santa is White, what is The Spaghetti Monster? 

What say we wait for the presumed-person(s) concerned to address such abstract speculation?

If that one interpreter dude, T.J.,  just wanted to be an interpretive DANCER, why did he not just say so? “Be obscure clearly.”Or, let your 'yea' be your yea but don't 'twerk' at work. Unless that's what you get paid to do.Gosh....!!!

Stopped To Think,

p.s.: Did you know that it was my puppito's birthday this weekend?Would you like to learn more about Sir Fyodor Kafka, my puppito, as an educational resource? =) 
p.p.s.: Were you aware that he accepts charity in the form of turkey slices and things like Cesar Milan Filet Mignon treats on his Amazon Wishlist!?! =)

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