Wednesday, November 27, 2013

~Getting You Over The Hump With Kitties & Chit~

I know, right?

 "Oh, my G-d! My computer told me that I just performed an illegal abortion!!! "
Haley's Cosmic Dust

Custy: I'd like a mouse mat, please.

Sales: Certainly, sir! We've got a large variety.

Custy: Yeah, but will they be compatible with my computer?

Praha (September 2011)

Tech Support: Alright, now double-click on the File Manager icon.

Custy: See? That's why I hate this Windows---because of The Icons. I'm a Protestant and I do not BELIEVE in Icons!

K West Spa (West End, London, United Kingdom September 2011)

Custy: I keep getting ACCESS DENIED every time I log in.

Tech Support: OK, try once more, but this time, try using only lower case letters.

Custy: Um, I only have capital letters on my keyboard.

For The Space Cadet Within All Humankind, =)

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