Monday, October 14, 2013

~Very Superstitious....Writings On The Wall....~



Alrighty. So, I've been reading...and reading...and reading....and oh la la...

Congress continues to play footsie with their thumbs!

Egads! Um, yeah. 

Do you know how obnoxious it has been to try and do worthwhile semi-academic (and trivial-but/and-useful) research when one out of every three government websites are 'temporarily out of (any semblance of) order?

I know there's and other mirror-type sites, but, like, it seriously disrupts the flow of info learnings when this utter bollocks occurs. 


Ahhh...and boohoo, indeed. Emphasis on BOO!

In related news, I have otherwise amused myself with brushing up on the history of WITCHERY(-IZING).

You know, Salem Witch Trials, Puritan 'well'-meaning-isms and the like. 


Ooh, and, like superstitions, omens, charms...

Well, hey, Halloween is abreast....soon afoot? Something like this...So I am gonna go ahead and keep on indulging.

Maybe my new-found or re-remembered learnings will inspire a new erotic short story.

A Spooky, dookie one! 


Wait, ew.....

Or...oooh? Or wooooooot!


Anyways, it is all for the good and spirit study makes me feel slightly less bad about missing my broadcast last night. 

NOT happy about that!

But I was so very, very....damn, TOO, darn very fatigued.

As a regularly semi-scheduled night owl, the nightly witching hour remains a great period of unknown inspiration, but the other day or three, sleep became darn near eternal, leaving me waking up to two or three days of night.

This was not amusing, nor intentional! 

Perhaps I am too sensitive to impending daylight saving time 'a changin' ? Or am I THAT ticked about being on time-out from (ordinarily) 'public info'?

For shame!

Ha..ha..I said ticked and time-out in the same sentence.

There is my funny for the day.

For shame!

Oh, and speaking of 'well'-meaning-isms...

Reading this earlier made me, literally, laugh out loud. Like, literally, literally. ;)

Love him.

In The Boooooooo,

p.s.: *one-> a diplomat

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