Tuesday, September 17, 2013

***NEW*** Erotica: Autonomous BOOTY by Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind

                     AUTONOMOUS BOOTY
I shall name thee, JOHNNYAUTO

Petra is beyond.

She is striking gold on the dance floor ---all oiled up.

It started out as a gas. A laugh. 

Her drink slipped, modestly drenching her see-thru night-on-the-town-gown while she held court in the Luxe Lounge---way up high.

Roman is amused, but tries to avoid making this sudden, new-found pleasure known.

Petra plays The Fool, continuing her sway, her shimmy---her excitable thrusts, swings and struts leading the way.

All atop six-inch Steel Wheels.

The damn thing just won't quit.

No, really.

Whose divine theory was made into a plan of action here, anyway? 

This endless procession of treadmill. 

As if this hot powerhouse needed any workout.

Petra reels in Roman's furtive gaze and grins a mile wide.

Ooops,” Petra mouths, as she slowly turns her VIP Goblet onto its underbelly, painting her purposefully-too-small negligee with deep, scarlet spirits.

There will be whistles galore.

Meanwhile, Roman and Petra, alike, are all wrapped up in her velvet.

Petra widens her eyes.

Ooops,” Roman mouths back, swallowing hard.

Squirming in seductive falsetto, Petra makes a few pathetic attempts to dry off.

The elements notwithstanding, the spirits make tiny teardrops at the mountain tops of her ridiculously erect nipples.

MAGIC!”, Petra shouts over the circus absorbed in them, “Puffy to Perky, all in one go.”

Petra smiles, leaning in as Roman draws near all the better.

Bravo, ma belle,” Roman croons.

Petra runs the back of her hand absent-mindedly over the front of Roman's pants.

Petra pipes up, “Aha! Voila!!!”

She feels good inside.

A Host draws near, “Mademoiselle.....?”

Petra reaches out for Roman, cupping his ass cheek from behind.

No, no. Thank you. It's fine. We will be going. My ride is here,” Petra volunteers, winking at the staff.


                               ENTER Johnny-AUTO

There h-E is.

I am JOHNNY's PET, “ Petra chuckles, as Roman grips her hand tightly to keep up.

JOHNNY is ajar.

PARTY OF TWO AND A HALF,” JOHNNY  intimates with reserved discretion, as the temporary chattel claim Assignment.

Where do we tell...?” Roman begins.

Don't you worry,” Petra rubs Roman's knee gingerly, “Johnny's got everything under control.”

Petra is suddenly overwhelmed.

Petra lays her head atop Roman's khakis, creating a very hard (and humid) situation.


JOHNNY has arrived.

Uhhh...,” Roman stutters.

Roman is a bit of a mess.

A stow-away ejects smoothly from the door, proffering an assortment of complementary tissue.

Roman flusters about, moderately embarrassed.

He looks to the East of himself.

Wow, how did it know where I live?” Roman continues to peer out of the window.

Did you leave your L-i-ght on? H-e can read, you know,” Petra cautions gently.

Oh,” Roman sighs.

Um...THANKS...?” Roman bellows uncomfortably into the Voice Box which separates The Chattel from The Operator.

Much obliged,” Johnny affirms solemnly.

Mmm...Now, where were we?” Petra purrs distractedly, prodding her new favorite thing.


Petra rolls her (semi-permanent) Autumn GreenTM eyes.

JOHNNY is at a Full Stop.

Roman is released upon exit.

Petra's dismount, however, is delayed. 

She pauses a moment. 

But all are silent.

Ugh! JOHNNYYYYYY!” Petra squeals, for precisely twenty seconds,” Let me GO!”

Roman looks on in suspended disbelief.

YOU, My Pet, have not arrived at YOUR.....”

Petra interjects, “ Fucking BULLshit, JOHNNY!”

Petra gathers Roman's coat and lifts it up from her lap towards the auto-l-i-ght.

Throwing it over her nipple-length, chocolate-y mane, she slips her hands into Roman's sleeves.

YOU have changed, “ Johnny reports.

JOHNNY is ajar.

Standing momentarily akimbo on the sidewalk, Roman and Petra soon advance onwards towards Roman's high-rise.

Looking back, Petra tugs her left boob, ever so slightly, while pointedly winking her right eye.

I will put you in my pocket, “ Petra stamps.


Autonomous Booty”, a Sandra LONDON erotic short-story, written on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Finalized at 02h28 Pacific Daylight Time in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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