Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Man Who Was Not

               The Man Who Was Not 

“ At an emergency homeowner's association meeting, a resident of the Sanford community was escorted out after he voiced his frustration over Zimmerman having aggressively pursued him and even came to his home in the Retreat of Twin Lakes housing development....” 

The Sanford Tragedy represents a fateful example of two young men who could not save themselves from themselves. 

One was given freedom and One was given Eternal Life.

In the beginning, george zimmerman may have felt that “He” had been divinely inspired to save the day and root out the evils of the night. 

In fact, g.z. took it upon his own initiative to assume such a designation. 

 On paper, g.z. could come to believe himself 'special'; In print, he shall not. 

On February 26, 2012, rather than employ a healthy dose of reason, reserve and the common sense of mankind, g.z. chose, instead, to invoke two powers greater than himself: his gun and his god. 

 In the end, g.z. “would have wanted” to tell his 'story', but only in a circuitous, speculative fashion, swept atop the shoulders of agents of status, men who 'profess' for a living... 

Through the shields of Other Men, much grander than he; 

When opportunity knocked, clothed in the threads of accountability---he did not answer. 

In the beginning, g.z. knew who he was 'purported' to be, but he, for some reason known only to his gun and his god, chose to not let his 'higher self' be known. 

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, a fellow citizen of mankind, was not afforded that same freedom to remain anonymous ---- and to be safe and secure in his own person. 

Nor was Trayvon Benjamin Martin even afforded the respect of polite inquiry as to WHO he, too, may have been nor who he may have considered himself to be. 

 There would be no meeting of the minds. 

Trayvon Benjamin Martin will never know his killer. 

g.z. willed control over the narrative of his prey (pray?). 

To not know, nor care to know, an individual who has come to constitute a potential adversary, relegates all future action as, quite literally, a shot in the dark. 

To act without reason is the epitome of infancy and impotency, two characteristics which are wholly incompatible with the provision of a gun or a god .  

G_d does not play dice, ”* 

Sandra LONDON ---

* Albert Einstein quotation
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  1. I like this article that you have conceived, there is so much truth in these words!!! Well done, and Trayvon would thank you, i'm sure of it...

  2. comment above, written by ZJ.ST.....LOL. 0:


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