Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*NEW* Sandra London Erotica: PINK COPPER


A Copper Stole My Pussy
Filed It Under Lock and Key

Then HE Squeezed It Dry of Juices
And Started Calling Me A HE

A Copper Stole My Pussy
Replaced It With Some Nameless Cock

HIS Crew, They Watched Intensely
As The Hands Wound Round The Clock

A Copper Stole My Pussy
And HE Would Not Give It Back

HE Swore HE Never Saw It
But He Knew That It Was Black

A Copper Sold My Pussy
But Forgot To Drop The MISS

HE Pulled His Bluff So Well
HE Even Sealed It With His Lick

A Copper Stole My Pussy
But He Cannot Erase A SHE

'Cuz Cocks Cannot Claim Ownership
Of One Who Breeds Indefinitely

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  1. Hello Sandra it is me again Corrado from Bristol uk....I cant stop following you you are great an sexy WHAOOOO.....love from me bye for now xxxoooxxx I miss you and your lovely messages....


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