Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturn Daze With a Back To Skool Flashback

This is Part One of a 2005 Questionnaire which was sent via email amongst me and my fellow graduate buddies.....Enjoy!!!!

Sandra LONDON Thousand Steps Beach; Santa Barbara County, California

2005 Questionnaire: Getting To Know One Another

  1. Full name?

    Sandra “The Duchess” London ;)

2. Were you named after anyone?  

No. No cool, intended likeness type of namesake. My parents just tell me they wanted me to be able to get a job...

So quirky, unique (and/or overwhelmingly exotic!) names
were out!

  1. Do you wish on stars?  

    Stars, huh? 

    You mean like Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, that kind of thing? 
                          But, of course!!!! 

Maybe not ON them, but one can dream...

4. When did you last cry?

After a verbal catfight with an evil, meanie hairdresser and then later being punched in the stomach on the street by a woman who wasn't looking where she was going. 

5. Do you like your handwriting?  

IN the computer?!? (Zoolander fans!)

Sandra LONDON in West Hollywood, CA 2008

6. What is your favorite lunch meat?  


7. How many kids?  

Gross! (Sorry!) Just a puppy for now and possibly ever.....!

 8. Names and ages of (doggie) kids:  

For my doggie? Charlie.....or Muccia <JFK =)>. 

Age? Under threshold.

 9. If you were another person would you be friends with you?  

I'd probably misunderstand the invitation. ;)

10. Do you have a journal?

Sporadically, but it's too much like work.

Mansion @ Forsyth Park (Savannah, Georgia) Winter 2011

11. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Wouldn't you?

12. Would you bungee jump?

No, but I'd skydive in a heartbeat!

13. What is your favorite cereal?  

What's my age again?

14. Do you untie your shoelaces when you take them off?

At the same time? lol...That sounds complicated! I try to buy boots, heels, and sweet, sexy flats only so they can slide right on and off.

15. Do you think that you are strong?  

Je suis un vrai mec!” 
(if you attended the Isabel Alonso conference, you know what I mean! Women are BOSS =) )

(2013: “Je suis un vrai Olympe de Gouges”(femme-feministe/humanitarienne) )

Sandra LONDON 2012 (Westside, Los Angeles)

16. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Brazilian Coffee...
McConnell's in Santa Barbara blows all other icecream places away!!!

Yes, even Berthillon's (gasp!)

(2013: Lavender Icecream)

17. Shoe Size?

5.5/6/6.5 <americaine>; 36

  1. Red or Pink?

    Both, but not at the same time, more often than not.

  1. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
The fact that I care that you care what I think about me.

20. Who do you miss most?

My inner Parisienne. I iz a froglette outta water.

21. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back?

If you find yourself in the middle of doing ten things at once and want to say, "Fuhkitahl!," come be
a lazy bum and join my club!


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