Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*NEW* Sandra London Erotica: PINK COPPER


A Copper Stole My Pussy
Filed It Under Lock and Key

Then HE Squeezed It Dry of Juices
And Started Calling Me A HE

A Copper Stole My Pussy
Replaced It With Some Nameless Cock

HIS Crew, They Watched Intensely
As The Hands Wound Round The Clock

A Copper Stole My Pussy
And HE Would Not Give It Back

HE Swore HE Never Saw It
But He Knew That It Was Black

A Copper Sold My Pussy
But Forgot To Drop The MISS

HE Pulled His Bluff So Well
HE Even Sealed It With His Lick

A Copper Stole My Pussy
But He Cannot Erase A SHE

'Cuz Cocks Cannot Claim Ownership
Of One Who Breeds Indefinitely

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Monday, June 24, 2013

~Happy Moan Day For Once and Future Honorifics~

Everything not forbidden is compulsory.”

In war, our elders may give the orders but it is the young who have to fight.”

It will take millions of years before the mass of men can be called political animals.”

Were they, for some purpose almost too cunning for belief, only disguised as themselves?”

It is so fatally easy to make young children believe that they are horrible.”

The word “feral” has a kind of magic potency which allied itself to two other words, “ferocious” and “free”. To revert to a feral state!

If people reach perfection they vanish, you know.”

For Arthurian Admirers,
Sandra LONDON 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Final '05 Flashback Installation With a Good Damn Given

Kitty Gives A Damn from Sandra London on Vimeo.

Which books are you reading?  


Madame Bovary, History of the Extreme Right 


Property Management ; The Mind's I;  Questions About Nationwide Identity Systems by the National Research Council

What's On Your Mouse Pad?   

Is this a hypothetical or an exercise in implicature? 

If so, define "what", "is", "mouse”, “pad”, and/or "mouse pad" and your parameters for ownership, possession, identification, and attribution--both individually and collectively, in a manner which is most meaningful to your query, please. 

(i.e.: Try again.) 

What Did You Watch Last Night on TV?




The Guardian 



Why not? 


I love (lava) lamp. ;)

What's the furthest you've been from home?   


The Netherlands. 


Dubai; Buenos Aires; Under Protest In Arbitrary Captivity ;)) 

Do you have a special talent?   

Yes, but I'd have to show you in person. 

Favorite Quote? :   


 “If you do not wish to be criticized, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing”-Confucius 

If you can't win, make the guy in front of you break the record.” ---?


 " The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -Albert Einstein 

"You do not have to listen to any voice that does not bring you peace." ---?

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Ta Ta Tuesday with Back To Skool Daze Questionnaire Part Two

L'Arc De Triomphe  (Paris 2006)

22. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? 

Blue pants, black BOOTS!

(2013: Blue tank top, black leggings, argyle socks)

23. Last thing you ate?

Egg McMuffin, couldnt resist.

(2013: Pizza leftovers)

24. What are you listening to right now?

The hum of the ordinateur* and the pitter patter of undergraduate feet.

If I were at home....Janis Joplin!!!

(2013: The fan, whirring and whizzing about in my living room).

25. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Beige or coffee brown

26. Favorite Smells?

Angel by Thierry Mugler, fresh laundry, ironed
clothing, musky scent of the man I adore, roses, soup, puppy breath
(kidding? ;))

(2013: Pure Rose extract; Patchouli; Lavender)

27. Last person you talked to on the phone? 

Schtefan (in Germany)

(2013: Sales Agent)

Paris, France 2006

28. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?  

Le regard...i.e.: how he looks at ME

29. Do you like the person who sent this to you?  

Bien sur.

30. Favorite Drink?

Alcoholic: Irish coffee

(2013: Peach Bellini; Sancerre)


Kern's Strawberry Banana and Ice Tea Peche

(2013: RedBull, Horchata; Thai Iced Tea)

31. Favorite Sport to Watch?  

Tennis and Gymnastics....and Latin
Dance Championships!

(2013: Political Volley)

32. Hair Color?  

Dark brown

Favorite on guys? 
Chatain (reddish/brown or strawberry blondish brown) or black as ink

Paris, France 2006

33. Eye Color?  


Light brown/Hazel


Chocolate brown or striking blue-green

34. Do you wear contacts?  

Yes, I am a blind bat without them. Or bespectacled.

35. Favorite Food?  

Mexican, French, Italian, and Indian...in that order

36. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?  

Les deux.

37. Last Movie You Watched?  

Combien Tu M'aimes? w/ Monica B. Sexy

(2013: My umpteenth viewing of Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell)

Paris, France 2006 8th District "LIDO" cabaret

38. Favorite Day of the Year?

Every morning that I'm still here.

39. Summer or winter?  

Les deux.

40. Hugs or Kisses?  

Hugs; they are more democratic. Everyone can hug,
but not everyone can kiss...

41. Favorite Dessert?  

Kilimandjaro from Impala Cafe or Tarte aux
Framboise from Maison Kaiser.


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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturn Daze With a Back To Skool Flashback

This is Part One of a 2005 Questionnaire which was sent via email amongst me and my fellow graduate buddies.....Enjoy!!!!

Sandra LONDON Thousand Steps Beach; Santa Barbara County, California

2005 Questionnaire: Getting To Know One Another

  1. Full name?

    Sandra “The Duchess” London ;)

2. Were you named after anyone?  

No. No cool, intended likeness type of namesake. My parents just tell me they wanted me to be able to get a job...

So quirky, unique (and/or overwhelmingly exotic!) names
were out!

  1. Do you wish on stars?  

    Stars, huh? 

    You mean like Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, that kind of thing? 
                          But, of course!!!! 

Maybe not ON them, but one can dream...

4. When did you last cry?

After a verbal catfight with an evil, meanie hairdresser and then later being punched in the stomach on the street by a woman who wasn't looking where she was going. 

5. Do you like your handwriting?  

IN the computer?!? (Zoolander fans!)

Sandra LONDON in West Hollywood, CA 2008

6. What is your favorite lunch meat?  


7. How many kids?  

Gross! (Sorry!) Just a puppy for now and possibly ever.....!

 8. Names and ages of (doggie) kids:  

For my doggie? Charlie.....or Muccia <JFK =)>. 

Age? Under threshold.

 9. If you were another person would you be friends with you?  

I'd probably misunderstand the invitation. ;)

10. Do you have a journal?

Sporadically, but it's too much like work.

Mansion @ Forsyth Park (Savannah, Georgia) Winter 2011

11. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Wouldn't you?

12. Would you bungee jump?

No, but I'd skydive in a heartbeat!

13. What is your favorite cereal?  

What's my age again?

14. Do you untie your shoelaces when you take them off?

At the same time? lol...That sounds complicated! I try to buy boots, heels, and sweet, sexy flats only so they can slide right on and off.

15. Do you think that you are strong?  

Je suis un vrai mec!” 
(if you attended the Isabel Alonso conference, you know what I mean! Women are BOSS =) )

(2013: “Je suis un vrai Olympe de Gouges”(femme-feministe/humanitarienne) )

Sandra LONDON 2012 (Westside, Los Angeles)

16. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Brazilian Coffee...
McConnell's in Santa Barbara blows all other icecream places away!!!

Yes, even Berthillon's (gasp!)

(2013: Lavender Icecream)

17. Shoe Size?

5.5/6/6.5 <americaine>; 36

  1. Red or Pink?

    Both, but not at the same time, more often than not.

  1. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
The fact that I care that you care what I think about me.

20. Who do you miss most?

My inner Parisienne. I iz a froglette outta water.

21. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back?

If you find yourself in the middle of doing ten things at once and want to say, "Fuhkitahl!," come be
a lazy bum and join my club!


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