Saturday, May 25, 2013

**New** Erotica: The House That F***ed Me

Paris, France (2006)
                        The House That Fucked Me

When I first saw you, I knew you were the one.

You were so very open, all lightness and bright.

I loved showing you off.

And I was inside you damn near every night.

I took care of you; 

Made sure your needs were met.

Hell, I cooked, cleaned...made sure you knew you knew you were special.

I hated being away from you for too long...and I think you knew it, too...

But you were always there.



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You were better than all the others...

My friends would come around and say as your presence, even.

You were always just the right size....a perfect fit.


Yet, you always gave me my space.....

And knew where and when I would need it the most.

You were the only one for me.

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Then, somehow, things changed.

I got busy, but I never made enough.

I couldn't keep up with you.

And, well...YOU changed, too.

Granted, these things are bound to happen.

But I failed to notice for far too long----until it was too late.

You weren't nearly as cheerful as before.

Not nearly as snug.

However, I always blame it on myself----

I really did do the best I could.

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It just wasn't enough.

At times, you'd moan, you'd sigh...and, every now and again, you damn near fell apart.

But every day, or damn near, I would always came back to you.

Then, BAM! 

It happened right in front of me.

I thought that I would have you for forever.

But very few things are iron-clad, infinite, and guaranteed.

Yes, I looked elsewhere, every now and again; but I loved you, still.

And I still do.

I am more than ashamed to admit that I can no longer have you.

They won.


And, now, I'm driven out in the cold, to start all over again.

But I don't want another you.

There is nothing I can do.

I know that someone else will take my place.

I know that I am powerless before you.

I could only hold onto you for so long.

I must resign myself to my fate.

Which is to be without. 

And to be without you.

You, to whom I gave my heart, soul, blood, tears, sweat and dreams.

You, who cradled me, swathed in your quiet strength and seemingly limitless loyalty.

Up until I had nothing left to give.

I will miss you and all the good times we have shared.

No one else will replace what we had.

Still, I must surrender and turn in my walking papers.

My heart, I bid you adieu.
Courtesy of MorgueFile

I have no other choice but to move on and start all over again.

Even if no one else will ever feel like you do.

To: The House That Jackson Built

From: Your Casanova,

                                                       ********THE END***********

"The House That Fucked Me"- Written by Sandra LONDON on Saturday, May 25th, 2013 at 1:00am

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