Tuesday, March 12, 2013

20 Random Thoughts: Whereby Whimsy Wanes Supreme

1) I am amusing myself with how much my obstinately agnos-like interests are piqued by the impending announcement of new Papal Sovereignty. Have NOT slept a wink since opening procession...Seriously, I had no clue I would be so very, very curious!

2) I'm secretly hoping that it is Leonardo Sandri < I read a brief bio about 14 of the candidates on AP the other day and liked his worldliness. I think that's why, anyways. Oh, and like S.L., L.S.....umm..never mind ;).>

3) Are we seriously having a pollen palooza or something? My sinuses have been on strike since about November. =(

4) What is it about Prague that has taken such hold of my heart? It ain't about a boi. That place is just...MAGICAL.

5) Um, why do beachside properties call my name?

6) How is it that I can spend hours looking at furniture online, in person, in print...for no apparent reason other than 'Tis sooooo PRETTTTTY!!! eeeee!'

7) I might as well buy a boat some day. Or, a pony. I'll settle for a mini-pig.

8) Why do I miss school/university?

9) Why do I NOT miss the price of tea funded by private school loan disbursements?

10) Dude, I have no idea why Nymwars and virtual world lawsuits are so endlessly fascinating.

11) Was it not awesome that Rand Paul went there, yo. ALICE IN WONDERLAND, for the WIN!!! =)

12) When will I have the time to read all these new books about, well, ...time? Heidegger....in a minute..!!!

13) If a maid would simply show up at my door, I'd pay them. ;)

14) Why is my birthday wishlist compiled largely with things I think Sir Fyo would like to eat, chew, destroy, or scr...well, whatever, but why?

15) What is it about successive numbers in a series that keep me waiting for 12/13/14? Oh, the finality of it all!!!

16) Why did this 20 things thingie seem like a MUCH better idea ...in my head? <smile!>

17) Um, are we there yet?

18) Oh, did I remember to remind you that I failed to mention on Sunday's show that I'll be doing aural audio-book stuff, namely, reading ALICE IN WONDERLAND, ART OF WAR, and HUIS CLOS <aka NO EXIT by Sartre>...or maybe THE TRIAL by KAFKA ;)

..chapter by chapter...petit a petit...like, probably next weekend?!?! 
Well, to begin, of course...

19) Do you care? Did you know sometimes I read with no clothes on? lol

20) No worries!!!


Je Fais Do-Do Maintenant,

p.s.: Pictures to be added later

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