Saturday, February 23, 2013

How Playful Thou Art: A RoundUp of Radio Hostessing

Date of First BTR Broadcast: February 12th, 2012

Starting Month Listenership: 187 Total Listens in February 2012 
Current Month Listenership: 3,625 from February 1-20th, 2013 

All-Time Listenership: 43,617 from Feb 12th, 2012-February 20th, 2013 Total Episodes: 55 Episodes
Episode Frequency: Once a week <Sundays>
Top Episode <by listens>:
Broadcast Date: (o6/17/2012) with 3,751 listens

All Time Total Episodes With Guest Interviews: 23-25 out of all 55 Episodes feature a guest interview.

Top Month <by total listens>:August 2012 with 5,871 listens
Month With Most Live Listeners:July 2012 with 36 LIVE listeners
All Time Total Live Listeners243 LIVE listeners  


OK, so the reporting stats above represent the evolving listenership chez Playtime With Sandra Radio

I sat down on Thursday with my ever-near pen and notebook and jotted down the aforementioned results <and broke them down even more, and more still, in mega-specific detail, but that'll be published on my Archives site later this weekend> which were available in a slightly more raw format in my BlogTalkRadio Reporting section. 

Then, today, I went back and listened to my 2nd most popular episode "For The Love of Augustus" from July 29th, 2012 and heard where I mentioned my half-year stats <26th episode>. 

Ok, can I please brag for five minutes and be all silly grin to tell you that, no matter how happy I was to have just under 8,000 or so listens six months in.... having over 40,000 listens via BlogTalkRadio just six months later is just, like,....daaayuuuuummmmyyy?!?!  =)

But, wait. 

How did I do it? 

I wish I could pinpoint one specific apex, turning point, gem of a tip in action, or what have you.

But, then again, maybe I don't! ;) jk

Well, look, I know for darn sure that a large part of my jump in listenership would not be possible without the lovely, brilliant, indomitable Jess Edwards of Naked Girls Radio.

Jess, Ms. Birthday Weekend Lady, herself, has been in radio broadcasting out in the Windy City for a great deal of time. She has thereby exuded the powers of being a collabo extraordinaire with a musically dynamic platform. 

So THAT combination and open cross-promotion would be The Gem, in large part. 
Additionally,  due to our mutual love of music, models, indies, and all things aural, well there ya are! 

Now, aside from Naked Girls Radio, I am forever grateful to all my guests who have appeared on my show and who are waiting <with heavenly patience, I might add> in the wings for some air space. 

Nearly half of my collective series of shows in the past year have featured some starry, brilliant, shiny person or collective.  Many of my new and longtime  IRL and e-friends eagerly await each interview and pester me adorably for more, more, MORE! 

And, so, yes, of course!!! It is written. ;)

Um, and, although I have yet to have a perfectly streamlined show 'brainstorming' pre-planning operation nor an intentionally pre-scheduled 'deep analysis'-reserved allotment of time:

->   I DO check in on my show reports with some sort of regularity and 

-> I DO read podcast forums, blogs, and how-tos from time to time and

-> I DO take, keep, read, and re-read show notes, therein!

So, in seeing how far I have come ( and seeing how much more I want to do) , I just want to tell anyone and everyone who is in the process of any project or endeavor to do one thing before ANYTHING and above all. 

And that is to "DO". 


Not "To-Do"

To-Do lists are speculation. Conjecture. Musings. 

That is not action. 

And, thus, the only way to effectuate an action is to get your booty, brains, beauty, braun, or brilliance in motion

Please DO!
Broadcast now.
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  1. I just re-noticed if I hadn't noticed before your status on NGR.. I have obviously commented earlier but it seems like I am noticing this post over again for the first time! This blog and the things you had to see means a lot! I also appreciate the photos in the blog since I am so visual. You are so awesome!!! I absolutely love reading your blogs and listening to your shows. You are smart and funny and beautiful not to mention a really good writer. I am so glad to have met you and I look forward to moving upward and onward with the show!! :D

  2. Aww, I love you, Jess of NAKED GIRLS RADIO!!!!! (shameless plug, shameless plug!)


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