Friday, January 18, 2013

On Bad Intelligence And The UnProven

 On Bad Intelligence And The UnProven

Perhaps an officer of the peace of any given jurisdiction, whose purpose is to protect and serve those who occupy the public space within its geographical borders can, in good faith, engage in and conduct an honest criminal investigation on an unknown (or, presumably, unknowable) individual.

By the will of the people, and within the confines of an otherwise lawful detention, an enforcer of the laws of that land is afforded the benefit of public faith in their official capacity as to discretion and best efforts made towards due diligence <in the absence of documentary proof to the contrary>. 

Indeed, in society, we accept that enforcers of the common good of society are, by our own consensus, afforded immunity from a wide variety of trivial, technical errors in favor of the overriding quest to identify, define, and contain:

suspicious and/or criminal actions, motives or intentions 

which have been deemed counter to public interest. 

However, one or more harmless miscalculations or misjudgments can become unconscionably averse to all who depend upon those very same guardians of public safety and welfare when, 

despite production, presentation, or recognition of valid, government-issued identification*, one is still held, not only under an underlying inquiry, but jointly----

Under an additional criminal act which is often ultimately even more amoral and insidious:

The criminal action of comportment.

Or, rather,  "being" 

<per se> and/or by nature or custom:

-> An outlaw. 

-> A Fraud. 

-> A communicator of falsehoods. 

-> A thief of personage.  

-> One who bears false witness to and of one's self. 

An enemy 'alien' amidst, but never among, the people---- 

An "it" or "thing" who unlawfully harbors and assumes the personhood of honest, legitimate, verifiable datum.

Alas, in an instance such as this, to even begin to refute any other preliminary perception based on supposition of criminal acts, one is compelled to, instead, overcome the base nature of that which has been concurrently presumed unprovable----  

------the morality (and proof of ownership) of one's very own existence-----

and, yet, an individual would be precluded from such, because one is already being, as one's self, summarily and (self-evidently) rejected. 

A priori.

Let It Be, ;)

p.s.: In pursuit of knowledge  

*A name; a state-issued drivers license; a professional license; a passport; a birth certificate, reports; legally recognized oaths/statements/proofs/titles/registries; biometric identification; business records, etc

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