Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Erotica: Annie And The Apple Bottom


Deep within the underskirt of Annie's home-spanked cheeks lies the bottom of the apple. Like a silent serpent, I will creep in and out. Furtively, and spirited with the pride of that All-American pie within a bird's eye view.

The hearty swells of each ample cheek will wax and wane at each rising crescendo. They will redden in unison with each loving thwack from my fellow partner in thigh. We are a joint operation, compelled by the force of each digit, in search of destiny, desire, and derision.

Yet, alone, I will propel, inch by inch, flesh to flesh as I ascend and unleash. As I expand, I will continue to make headway, through this luscious apple valley. 

As I submerge, I will immerse myself in this warm, welcome confinement---the borders sending electric jolts to build up and tease me with the prospect of the most wicked nirvana---a tight, warm, wet hearth to swallow me whole.

At the brink, I will emerge victorious---at a stand-stiff, if you will, but only momentarily. 

From this cusp of natural treasure, I will divulge my most glorious exposition of all---in slick streams of substinence, along the endless miles of flesh defining my sweet Annie's silhouette. 

And another set of cheeks. 

And before her very eyes.

I am eight inches tall.

An officer and a gentleman. 

I will take you to my leader.

Thinking Outside The Box,
"Annie And The Apple Bottom" written by Sandra London on January 30th, 2013 at 3:00pm
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