Sunday, December 23, 2012

Playtime With Sandra On Any Given Sunday

Sandra London

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Ahhh...So, Sunday, it is!!! 

The last two or three months of this year have passed with such fervor and fury, non? 

I have, as usual, been a busy worker bee, writing, reading, typing, and loads and loads of oral.....

Well, of the audio-erotica genre..... et ailleurs, de temps en temps
Sandra London-Thousand Steps Beach, Santa Barbara

Um, but, yes. 

So, let's see...

What else is new? 

Why, as of late, whenever I find any sexy, hot, and/or arousing XXX adult titillage, I have now been making sure to place it on my new Tumblr page, more often than not.

A Sandra London Boudoir....Now With GUCCI ;)

That is, if it does not find itself right here somewhere within the pages of my official site.

Meanwhile, there are many new plans and designs on deck:

For Playtime With Sandra

Live and Grind

and a few other projects

However, I must always take the time and privilege to give a nice, big, throaty Thank You to all of the guests who have appeared on Playtime With Sandra as we near a full year's worth of a state of Play. 

You all have kept me thoroughly inspired, amused, and intrigued by your exploits, endeavours, and entrepreneurial spirit in your respective lives and careers. 

Here's to many, many more Good Times and Good Livin'!!!

For those of you out there, readers and listeners, who love what 's going on, I want you to never fear sharing your own voice in the dialogue along the way. 

You need not be a musician nor a model to appear as a guest on the show, neither for calling in or what have you. 

All you need is

* A Phone Number

*My Playtime Radio Phone Number (psst: 858-815-2333)

*Any Given Sunday 

and, preferably, 

*An Internet Connection

Oh, and the ardent desire to redeem a few (or several) minutes of live, vocal exhibitionism, of course!

Sandra London In Stilettos

That is all. =)

What say you? ;)


~La Vie Rosatre~

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