Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Lady In The Window (Erotic Poetry)

Sandra LONDON October 2012
The Lady In The Window

The Lady in The Window
Yeah, she only wants for me
She bleeds bright golden tokens
From her standing stiff army

The Lady in The Window
As naked as can be
She's hiding in my box
For the whole wide world to see

The Lady in the Window
She is my one and only fan
She sends me soiled sundry
I give her all I can

The Lady in the Window
My broadcast fantasy
And once she hits her goal
It will be them. And her. And me.

Tonight, I'll have her all for me
In my dreams---she's always free.

THE END <?> ;)

***Another "OnTheSpot" erotic short, written by Sandra LONDON at 1:52am in Los Angeles, CA
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