Monday, October 29, 2012

~Happy Full Moan Day: All Hail Earth,Wind, and Sandy~

Happy Full Moan Day, guys and ghouls, angels and demons, ladies and gentlemen!!!

Somehow, some way, here on the homefront, my puppito, Sir Fyodor is reacting to the elements perhaps instinctively. He has decided it is the perfect day to jump all over mami's back at ten to fifteen minute intervals.

When I turn to look at my darling terrierist, Fyo does not disengage.

Instead, he continues to stick his claws ever so petulantly into my light grey sweater, his eyes full of curiosity.

But, why, pray tell?

What does he fear that I am withholding from him?

There is plenty of food in his bowl, mountains of inanimate animalia of a mind-boggling myriad of species, play breaks where we play a near never-ending “Throw and Go Get It” with various dog-safe objects....

But it is still not enough.

He reloads ad infinitum.

Does Fyodor feel the winds a-stirring, even way out here on the West Coast?

Does he divine that a filibuster of wet, wild weather beckons with each increasing hour?

Or am I simply projecting my own clouds of concern on my indomitable canine friend?

Who can say? =)

All I know is that I hope all my Nor' Easter' friends are in good shelter, in good company, and in excellent spirits.

Notwithstanding the 'elements' that a natural disaster can bring about, one is always quick to dispel the mini-mass hysteria that any given full moon can bring. 

In the end, on the whole, we tend to chalk it all up to a needless foray into moral panic.

But whether the chicken precedes the egg is still anyone's guess (guest? ;)).

Yes, yes...In other words, we have all heard of and/or lived through our fair share of uber-tropical days smack dab in the middle of winter...

Ghost lightning in the middle of a hot desert landscape in July.

Bikini weather in Fargo during the first month of the New Year <ok, that WAS in a heated gentlemen's club on a cozy, wooden stage in a thong's throw of a toasty fireplace, but still (!!!)>

Or maybe, like, the 'coldest summer day' in San Francisco and such.

And, hey, summer IS over and the weather outside IS weather. 

For darn sure!!!

Alas, here's to hoping that we are much ado about not-that-much since the 'wait and see' approach is the requisite de facto de rigeur du jour.

Wait, what?

Never mind.

In conclusion, Stay firm and steady against the wild, wild wind, earth....and Sandy....

F*** that b****.

No, wait, Fyo, I wasn't talking to you!!!! =)

~Wishing Everyone A Happy, Safe, and Solid Ground Monday~,

Sandra LONDON  

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