Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting You Over The Hump With Lil' Summer Bytes of Advisory

 Attention: Triple digit heat is making a WAVE here in Southern California this summer.


Topanga Canyon

-Never leave children, elderly people, or pets alone in a parked car 

(Yes, if you have to be out and about in the blazing rays of Ra with any other life forms present, you must keep them in your presence, <or they may not be very life-like upon return>! =( )

HILTON 11/2011-Sandra LONDON

-Wear light, loose fitting clothing to stay cool 

(or, just let it all hang out….or not!)

Charleston, South Carolina October 2011 -Captured by Sandra LONDON

-Drink water often 

(and remember that sweating is a good thing…because moisture is the essence of beauty! <Hee, hee…Zoolander reference!>

Your neighborhood park. Now With A/C! ;)

-Stay in an air-conditioned area during peak heat hours such as a mall, park, or library 

<Spend, See, Sit…hey, I can do all that from home! Hmm..freedom of movement, in and out of the boxes that be.  Good Times ;)>

Lost Creek Winery -Virginia

-Avoid unnecessary sun exposure by wearing a hat when outdoors 

(Yay! Now I’ve a reason to rock a sexy, gaudy parasol (umbrella), Gone With The Wind-era style! Bliss!!!)

HILTON November 2011 - Sandra LONDON

-Don't exercise vigorously outside during the hottest hours of the day. 

(Save your wildest playtime for night time<at least for this week>….and continue at (or into) dawn with breakfast in bed! And if you’re outside, just remember to use your indoor voice!) ;)

More hot-as-the-dickens tips on keeping cool,

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