Thursday, August 2, 2012

~An Ode To "The Afterglow" by Sir Whipman Cummings~

Sandra LONDON in "Moi, Je Joue" Series

"Afterglow" by Sir Whipman Cummings

Lost, languid, amazed.
I, in your pleasure;
You, in mine.

Sandra LONDON Archives Ellings Park-Goleta, CA

Moonlight peeks in
Under the door
Like a small child

At the noises
Mommy made.

Sandra LONDON-Ellings Park, Goleta, CA

We are not ashamed,
But cover ourselves,
Just the same.

In the sound
Of your breathing,

Sandra LONDON Archives-Standard Hotel, Downtown L.A.

I relive every
Touch, gasp, smile,
And exult.

Your eyes flutter open -
Brown, warm, bottomless -
I fall in.

We talk
Of nothing,
And in talking

Sandra LONDON Archives captured by Llednor Nadirehs, Hollywood Hills, CA

Of nothing,
We say

And fall silent,
Just touching,
And say yet far more.

The moonlight
That crept in
So shyly,

Sandra LONDON Archives The Standard Hotel-Downtown L.A.

Now discreetly,

As embers

Sandra LONDON Archives   Paris Hotel-Las Vegas, Nevada

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