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New Release: The Lady of Death (erotica)

The Lady of Death (Erotica)

It is a night like any other.

Or, at least, it starts out this way, anyways.  

At about 3am, the phone rings abruptly. 

Our dear Madeleine is stuffed into a tiny, tight black tanktop---WITH skulls--- , 

A brown leather ball gag is lodged firmly between her pink, puckered lips.

Billy's large, veiny cock is poised and freezes mid-plunge into Madeleine's tight, pert rear. 

Maddy lunges forth, propelling her lean, slender body towards the nighstand. 

Grasping earnestly for the VOIP receiver, the phone continues to chime incessantly, filling her boudoir with its inane, persistent refrain.

"Uhhh....." Maddy gasps, releasing the ball gag, as she feels Billy's wood spontaneously unleash its hot, wet venom inside of her. 

Billy's spillage begins to trickle down the smooth curve along the crease of her buttocks. 

It continues its descent, painting proud white streaks along her fishnet-clad inner thighs.

"FUCK!" Billy straightens up, extracting his prematurity with caution-- in retreat. 

He falls backwards into a crumpled heap onto the silk spread beneath him.

"Sorry!" Maddy hisses an apology over her shoulder, waving her bare bottom seductively in Billy's direction.

"Yes...yes.....," she continues, "I could make it there in about, oh, say.....twenty, thirty minutes...? Sooner? Umm.....," she pauses, sighing quietly.

"Really?!?!" Billy mouths back, sitting back up on Maddy's four-poster bed.  

Billy is momentarily bewildered.  He stares intently at his newly minted main squeeze.

"Yes, I see," Maddy regains her composure," I will be there just as soon as I can."

" I'm on my way, I will hurry. I just need to call for a cab. Yes, uh-huh....and, the address, please?" Maddy grabs her notepad and pen, always at the ready, on her nightstand.

Maddy hangs up.

"Oh. I see. You're ...."working", eh?" Billy jeers with a sardonic grin.

"Billy, baby, you have known this since day one," Madeleine chides impatiently, searching in vain for baby wipes with which to catch the remnants of Billy's progeny.

"Will you be here when I get back?", Madeleine switches gears flirtatiously as she scampers off, making a beeline for the shower.

"Maaaaybe," Billy draws out slowly, with feigned indifference. 

Billy slinks back beneath the silken sheets and gathers Maddy's large zebra patterned velvet throw. He lifts it up and over himself, burrowing his head completely. 

Billy's "pride and joy" now lies with sticky, sweet submission between himself and the mattress.


Madeleine scrubs herself down as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

"Babe?" she calls out, "Can you call down to the doorman for a cab, pretty please?"

"Alrighty, then!", Billy grunts and reaches for the call button on the nightstand.

"Ohhh....lordy," Madeleine chirps, shivering from the waft of cold air that envelops her naked body. 

Opening her wardrobe loosens the towel about Maddy's bulbous breasts. 

With a soft thud, it hits the floor in one fell swoop.

"Ugh," she moans wearily, "I could just DIE!" she cracks as she rummages around her dresser for something decent to wear.

"Yeah?" Billy perks up half-heartedly from beneath the sheets, "'Cuz I KILLED that shit! Plunge!"

"Ha. ha. Such... a... funny.... funny..... man, my darling pretty," Madeleine rolls her eyes as she teases him mockingly.

"Go to sleep," she commands cheekily. 

She pauses to delight in the stirrings arising from his boastful proclamation. 

It compels the most wicked instant replay, engulfing her underbelly passionately and without warning.

Her pussy trembles.

Clutching her overcoat in one hand, Madeleine leans down and peels back the zebra throw with the other. 

She kneels down hastily and kisses Billy's cheek, hoping to stifle the animalistic desire threatening to overwhelm her. 

He squirms initially, and then smiles broadly, with his eyes still closed.

"See you...whenever....," Billy offers weakly, as he succumbs more and more to dreamland.

"Uhm......hmmm," Madeleine murmurs affirmatively before grabbing her gear, notepad, and house keys on her way out of the door.

Madeleine barrels down the winding staircase, duffel bag in hand. 

She pulls back her raven black tresses, scooping it into a slick updo and smoothing the loose strands neatly behind her ears.

"Goooood.......morning?" Roger, the burly-but-affable doorman, greets Maddy good-naturedly.

"Top o' the mornin' to you, young man!" Madeleine responds cheerfully, greedily eyeing the mug of cafe mocha Roger has set out for her in the lobby. 

Picking up the coffee carefully, Maddy smiles and thanks Roger as she heads out to the street, hastening towards the taxi.

"Off to the races," Maddy salutes Franklin, the cabbie, with a smile as she slides into the backseat, setting her bag beside her.

"Where to, madam?" Franklin winks.

"176 Jonestown Drive, please, sir." Maddy replies, circling the scribbled address slowly with her neatly manicured nails. 

She grabs her pen from her jacket pocket and notes the time:


Her chosen destination is not a far cry from her own neighborhood, but it may as well have been.  Figuratively, they are worlds apart.

Madeleine has come to prefer this live/work segmentation. 

At home, she likes vanilla. safe.BORING.

At work, she likes excitement. the thrill. mystery.

To get lost and found again.

Darkness and light.



Chaotic silence.

As she exits the towncar, Maddy offers a warm farewell to Franklin, tipping a bit more than usual for having delivered her in record time to Jonestown Drive.

She approaches the dilapidated housing tenement with no delay. 

Looking down at her notepad, she reads down further:

176 Jonestown Drive

Apt 13

Maddy looks back up and notes the call box with faded lettering to the left of the entryway. 

Gulping down the last bit of mocha from her mug, she buzzes Apt 13.

A baritone voice responds curtly, "Yes?"

" Madeleine Wells, Crime Scene Investigator," Maddy calls out into the night.

******THE END****

An original erotic short story, written on Friday the 13th (07/13/2012) at 430pm by yours truly,

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