Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Weekend: A Sandra London Maxi Mini-Brief

Viva L.A. Weekend, everyone!

I wanted to go ahead and jot down some of my "inner workings" as of late, for those who may want the lowdown on what I have been up to behind-the-screen.

I have missed being able to provide more of my usual longer-winded, candid references to my daily ons and goings for the last several, ohh.....whole bunch of weeks.  

However, in a way, my time has otherwise been spent wisely, constructively (and productively!).

As per usual, I have consistently published posts here and elsewhere, which is awesome as I have been able to tinker around and fiddle with the evolution of my 'amateur-but-progressive' nubile/novice endeavours in design (and capitalizing intellectual property ;)).

In the background, I have been developing a few of my other 10+ domains; doing a LOT of deep searching/reading/reflecting and online resource digging.

My goal has been and will continue to be geared towards building things for everyone to see ...and those 'architectural translations' which come as close as possible to my 'grand design' for a new concept, theme, or community, all the better!

So, basically, what this means is that I have undertaken the feat of managing and micro-managing my vision for production of quality, relevant play spaces for my fans, friends, partnerships, and new peepers.

Kind of on an endless whim....(or wanderlust?)


Without my pen, 'e-bookmarker', and an ever-increasing fortress of wide rule notebooks filled to the brim with possibilities, well, all of this would not be..... possible.

So....long live......Academia?

La Libertine?

Libertina!!!! =)


Well, whatever the case may be, I am having way too much fun learning-as-I-do.

I believe that unrequited joy cements my eternal, uber-nerdity more than anything! 

Mental masturbation is a much needed release, yes?

Yes, and it is always welcome in my house!!! <tee hee>

Be that as it may, it is my utmost desire that you enjoy the end results (and just might continue to do so ;)).

As always, feel free to send any of your:

-> delightful feedback,

-> words of encouragement,

-> discouragement<?>,

-> tips & tricks,

-> brilliance,


-> your random stream of consciousness

whenever such a desire may abound!

I can be reached (indefinitely and most efficiently) via email:
 imsandralondon at gmail dot com

or via a myriad of inboxes dispersed amongst this virtual world of ours, for the adventurous among you.

Furthermore, if you're already thisclose (relatively speaking), well, by all means, feel free to:

-> give me a call < but NOT before, like, noon, plz

-> send an IM/Chat message,


holler my way via some sort of real-time method (within legal limits!!! ;))

Looking Forward,


P.S.: And, yes, in other words, I mean to say that I will henceforth be spittin' major mini-randomness all over your virtual window (with much more frequency) addition to my 'on-a-whimsy' creative design meanderings!!

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  1. Damn I love that photo. If I wasn't in such an 'public' area. I would be doing more than mentally masturbating.

  2. Adam,

    Word?!?! ;) Well, feel free to readjust your 'public' area, when you get the chance!!! Happy Weekend, Sweetheart! xxxo, Sandra


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