Thursday, June 21, 2012

~@~Their Eyes Were Watching Latex~@~ (Op Ed)

Paris, FR (2006) Sandra LONDON

I remember when I first started hearing about the mandatory condom policy gaining momentum in L.A. a few months ago;

I shared a link of one of the articles with a friend and joked,

"But what if you're Catholic (or any other religion which does not believe in the use of contraception of any kind)? Or, dare I say, "pro-life"?

How can a city council legislate principles and practices which, by definition, conflict with good ole American morality, whether it is for free or for profit?

Paris, FR (2006) Sandra LONDON


If the work being produced contains acts which are, in and of themselves, legal, and promoting...uhhh...reproduction (and, thereby, accountability)---

Well, what kind of a back-asswards move is it to expressly prohibit such actions of informed consent anywhere in a "free" country?

And why exclusively (or so far, anyways) in Los Angeles, the very hotbed of porn production?


Why target such an industry which:

- is already so firmly entrenched as a mainstay of our state's culture and economic livelihood,

-contributes so massively towards the sustenance of those who work, even indirectly, in its production locally and afar


-accounts for a very significant portion of not only California's economy but the Global economy?

The very idea of penalizing the industry with the proposed legislation and thereby mandating the prohibition of the sanctity of potential life, no less!?!?

Paris, FR (2006) Sandra LONDON

My word!!!

I mean, what will happen to No Child Left Behind if they're all dried up in latex?"

 <possibly a horrible joke, but there you are>

Manhattan Beach (2011)


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