Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Lil Taste Of Sleaze Factor Funnies =)

Ole Vegas

***Warning:  Graphic Story
 Not for those with sensitive stomachs!***

Oh, my, so...

At one of my former nudie lady dens where I danced, I experienced what can only be described as unforgettable ......

Between working the floor and minding the stage rotation list, I watched as one of my fellow co-workers glided purposely up the few small steps to begin her show.

The dancer (lets call her "Fanny") quickly ripped out of her see-thru fishnet lingerie without much fanfare. Instead, Fanny immediately placed herself into the (ordinarily delightful!) doggy-style position, right in front of the lone guy seated at the stage.

Fanny then positions her bare-naked lady hump, ever so precisely, so that the dude's nose now rests firmly riiight in the crook of her butt cheeks. 

Not missing a beat, Fanny continues to occupy herself, shaking frenetically, energetically..... 

Up and Down (and UP and DOWN) her new-found friend, seemingly without a care in the world.

Everyone in the club groaned loudly and collectively in perfect harmony....

Needless to say, Fanny's new butt-buddy, Sir Lone Ranger, did not take her up on her offer of a dance when she dropped (face-forward this time) into his lap at the conclusion of her....display.

I believe Lone had maybe put up about three or four bucks pre-emptively at her stage upon initial approach, with a hefty stack of dollars--- hinting at more to follow.

But, yeah. 

That was before the a*al slide. ;)

Many of us were not lucky enough to see his expression after the fact. However,  we all could not help but to notice that the $$$ offerings ceased rather immediately thereafter!

After Lone decided to pass on the stage-to-lap dance request, he sat frozen for a good five or so seconds. Then he stood up and made a beeline for the club's nearest exit.

Poor thing!

 I sure hope he comes again ;) 

Oh, la.....I feel raunchy even typing this!!! 

I gotta go look at pictures of flowers or llamas or something and get the mental imagery out of my head!
Llama, Llama, Woot?!?!?!

So, hey, Grinders, have you any funny strip club horror stories to share? 

Post a comment below!

Ole Viva Las Vegas

Live to Tell,

p.s.: You know what? The dancer in question was actually pretty attractive (although notoriously unpredictable). Ah, memories! =) 

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