Saturday, May 12, 2012




Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Yessir, yessir, what’s for lunch THIS time?” Dustin muses wryly as he bids a brief farewell to his colleagues.

Dusty’s got sixty-nine minutes to spare and he wants to use them, ah, therapeutically.

He peels off from his office building in giddy anticipation due to all the buzz surrounding The Comfort Station’s latest Super Combo.

As he descends upon his favorite Boobie Bar, Dusty commands his trusted companion, Leo, the Italian Stallion, to slow down as he approaches the Slide-Thru menu.

“Slide-Thru, Slide-Thru, you lovable loser, you! Welcome to The Comfort Station!

A lovely, saucily exotic voice greets him perfunctorily at the cam-prompter,

“ You must now insert your Proof of Assets if you wish to proceed”, the out-sourced voice continues in a warm, enticing, familiar-yet-bitchy tone that never fails to incite a raging semi and seal the deal.

Dusty dutifully divulges his Worth Number and smiles as he watches the cam menu before him light up in validation.

“Welcome back to The Comfort Station, Dustin. It’s me, Franchesca, your Special Needs Assistant. How may I fuck you over today?”

“Hello, my darling, Chessy! I’ve been very, very bad lately and need a good, sound fucking in more ways than one. Got any specials?”

“Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got a special, alright!  The Comfort Station has just introduced The New Coco-Taco with Boobies Supreme," Chessy coos airily.

“Who’s in it?” Dustin's eyes and ears perk up simultaneously.

“Well, you’re already quite familiar with Coco. QUITE familiar. However, now she is available in an H cup--- for a limited time only. Coco also comes complete with a complementary video game, a hearty meal and even a 'Free' Sex Toy.”

“Oh? And who’s the toy?” Dustin is at the ready.


“I’ll take her!!! Or, wait, what does she look….?”

“Perfect. Now, just proceed to Window Girl 6 and Brisa will give you the key code to Treatment Room 120. Be sure to tie up your stallion, Leo, a bit better this time around, yeah? “

Chessy continues, “When you get to the lobby, remember to slide your Worth Number through Coco’s new H-Cups twice to authorize your Treatment. ”

“Awesome. You’re incredible, Chessy-----," Dusty begins.

“Now, DON’T forget…Section 251673e41eq of the Penis Code affirms that you, as a Receiver, must never look any of your Care Takers directly in the eyes. Is that clear?”

“Clear as a cupcake.” Dustin snorts cheerfully.

“Was that a funny?” Chessy frowns.

“Ummmm……,” Dustin blushes.

“That’s extra.” Chessy barks prettily.

An "Insertion Slot" ejects from the cam-prompter and a red flashing light begins to scan Dusty's pockets sporadically .

“Oh, man!”Dustin apologizes as he reaches for his wallet beneath Leo's saddle, “ I’m sorry, Chessy. Here’s another Slide-Thru just for you.”

No Refunds.” She quips. Smiles. And disconnects.

"Slide-Thru: Dusty and The Nooner pt 1" written by Sandra London on May 12, 2012. Completed at 2:30am 05/12/2012

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