Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Moan Day: An Exercise In Ironic Narcissism

So, before last night's show, I made it a point to video tape myself in two separate parts: pre-show and during the radio broadcast.

The self-imposed conditions included in the premise of this impromptu experiment was to minimize the view of my camera  so that I would be unable to 'preen' or re-position myself in my most flattering light(s) (as we cam models are wont to do from time to time ;)).

I hereby give you Part 1, the pre-show, while I was setting up shop online.....but with a running soundtrack of a few songs which definitely made their way onto my Playtime Playlist.

Another adventure in "Hotly Working" for your consumption,

p.s. (I, too, am convinced that I am some sort of extra-terrestrial. You're welcome!)

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