Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Brief Thongless Sandra London Update

OK, so pup pup and I have been getting along mostly famously and I ought to be able to resume my regularly-daily-ish updates, from here on out for the most part.

I got a few major, pressing errands dealt with and have been vegging out for the rest of the evening.....

Daydreaming about biking with a dog-friendly wicker PICK-A-NICK basket and favoriting future wishlist purchases for lil man.

Yeah, I've got puppy fever like I never would've thought possible, so please excuse the overshare!


Umm, aside from that, let's see...

I will be uploading some pics of more gifts I received for my birthday and Fyo's doggy shower, et al very, very soon.

I also plan to load up on new video uploads and photo shootings complete with my naughty nearly nude French maid outfit and 'private time' army lingerie, courtesy of Naked Girls Radio (Thank you, again!).

And, once I am absolutely sure I'll be able to use my hands to write/type for an extended period of time, I'll rat-a-tat at least a preview version of the long-anticipated "The F*** Club" erotic story I have had lingering within me for quite some time now.

What's more, I have not forgotten my radio broadcast promise to display that erotic French poem I read over the airwaves in both its original form, as well as my English translation.

Massive workload, but I'm nearly ready to buckle down and get to it...

In other news, my day went relatively better than most of the recent ones preceding it, with the exception of seeing one of my Idol favorites sing his swan song ever so beautifully...only to be dismissed....waaaah =(

Deandre Brackensick is DYNAMITE...=)

I'd buy any cd/mp3/ wtf-ever he ever decides to gift to the world...

Here's to hoping that happens with lightening speed.

He's golden!!!!

You've been briefed,

Sandra London ;)

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