Friday, March 2, 2012

Sandra London Semi-Secrets (Day 6&7)

Sandra LONDON as The Black Valentina (Feb 2012)

The Secret (#1): The idea of scuba diving (and even snorkeling) fills me with dread.

Sandra LONDON for

The Spill:

I am such a chicken when it comes to the idea of ever being down deep in 'unknowable' territory.

A school of fish swimming past, with a few itty bitties floundering against my toes?

The horror!

And if any of those silly shape-shifting fishies that live in the deep blue sea ever 'peacocked' and morphed into some other shape.....

I would either:

-> Laugh so hard I would choke on my breathing apparatus


-> Die of spontaneous fright. *shudders*

I would, however, feel totally cool with going down under in a submarine.

Completely cool with being on top of the water.

Like, in a kayak.

Or even white water rafting, all that genre of fun time.

(And, yes, I can swim....(For the most part!!!) ;) )

Sandra London for L.S. Delirious

The Secret (#2): I'm double-jointed!!!

Sandra LONDON for L S Delirious

The Spill:

I've got hitch hiker's thumb in spades!

What's more, I can even flex my fingers back (and forth) at abnormal angles.

It's awesome! =)

Flexing My Poker Finger,


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