Thursday, March 22, 2012

~*~An Interview with Lelu Love,The Ultimate Southern Bombshell*~*

For The Love of Lelu Love

A Lelu Love Interview Intro:

Oooh, ooh, of my birthday wishes has already come true!!!

Lelu Love almost needs no introduction at all....If you aren't familiar with her already, I promise you you'll never forget her after you get a brief glimpse into a delightfully naughty day in the life of this lustful Southern Belle.

She is definitely one of the sexiest adult film actresses and virtual girlfriends you could ever hope to meet in-real-time. I must say that I am positively stoked that I had the opportunity to make Ms. Love's acquaintance out in Tampa, FL last year during the Night Moves Awards week.

Lelu is an excellent combination of sweetness, sass, glamour, and pure brilliance. I am so excited to have her appear on my site to say hello to my readers.

So settle in and share a peek with me into her wild and wonderful world.

Read on....

Featured Model: The Lelu Love Interview
Lelu Love during Night Moves Awards Weekend (One of my fave candid pix of her!)

1)      What is your most requested fetish from your cam/pic customers?

Lately it’s def been the pregnancy/creampie fetish which is great because I love creampies anyway.
The ideas and scenarios they cum up with to give the impression of me getting pregnant are a lot fun to bring to life!! :)

2)      What is the best gift you’ve ever received from a fan/customer? Also, which item currently tops your wishlist?

Very easy!! One of my members brought me and B all the way to Italy for 10 days for the most amazing trip of my life!!
We spent 7 days in Venice and 3 in Rome, had SO much fun and became GREAT friends with the member and still talk on pretty much a daily basis.

3)      What most sets you apart from other web models? (aka: your “unique selling proposition” =))

Def just interacting and really getting to know my members.

Of course, some people just prefer to watch and jerk off.  But, for those that welcome interaction, I love it and spend hours a day interacting through emails, Twitter, and text messages.

It’s really a lot of fun getting to know the people behind the “perv” but the “perv” part is great at certain times too ;)

Also making custom videos and picture sets for people is a lot of fun.

I’ve been getting so many orders lately that I’m doing at least one or more per day, which keeps things unique with the content and I get to fulfill lots of people’s fantasies.

Lelu Love, Pretty in Pink

4)      Which clip or pic set was most fun for you to make?

For some reason I find it really fun when people order custom pic sets and send over specific pictures to copy that they’ve gotten from other girls or the internet.
I try to match them as close as I can from the pose to the clothes and make a fun little game out of it to see how close I can get :)

5)      Which city tops your favorite destination list? Which city would you most like to visit for the first time?

Of places I’ve been, I’d def say it’s a tie between Venice and Rome.
Venice was amazing and easier to get around, but seeing the history and places in Rome like the Colosseum and Vatican were only the tip of the iceberg of so many places there to see!!
Honestly, I don’t know if Tahiti is a country or city but one of those little bungalows overlooking the water would be a dream come true!!

Lelu Loves Sandra

The Feeling is Mutual, Ms. Love!

Sandra London ;)

p.s.: Didn't I tell you all she's so f***in' hot!?!=)
p.p.s.: Il parte due a domani....(Part II tomorrow)


  1. She is pure genius. There are so many men out there who dig porn but are disgusted by the misogynistic, patriarchal, pure bullsh*t crap of it all. How refreshing to discover an artist who makes it her own, on her own terms, with a brilliant sense of humour and a sideman who almost equals her audacity.
    Go to Tahiti, Lelu - it is worth it! What I do is first go to Au Motu Mahare ( for two weeks (less than $95/night for two!) and then go to one of those expensive over-the-water bungalows for a few days to have a bit of luxury.
    Bon voyage!

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  5. Hey i was wondering how much it would cost to get a dirty pair of panties and a cei video of you wearing them for just me at home on dvd


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