Monday, March 5, 2012

28+1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets (Day 8-10 of Bday Countdown)

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The Secret (#1): I am prone to spontaneous 'duh-duh-ditzy' foot-in-mouth speak!

The Spill:

A prime example...

~I'm treating my parents and grands to a night of castle magic, when I'm asked,

"So, Ms. World Traveller, which exotic destination is on your list next?"

My response:

"Oooh, I'd love to nurse baby monkeys in Africa! That is my DREAM!"


To be fair, I'd say this points to my die-hard naivete (with respect to my neglecting that the statement up above could ever be misinterpreted!)

I actually really meant what I said...

{Just not, like,  literally!!! lol...}

Like, you know how there are numerous volunteering organizations all over the world where 'eternal wanderers'' like me can feel all, like, useful, and stuff?

Well, there IS one that lets you nurse baby monkeys...with a bottle (of course!) and help restore them to health.

And THAT is what I meant ..tee hee...

But no one could hear that over the roaring of EVERYONE in the line waiting to enter the magician's theatre. *sighs giddily while roflmao*

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The Secret (#2): I nearly enlisted in the Peace Corps.

The Spill:


Months before finishing my undergrad degree, I was damn near sold on the idea of spending two years on a mission of Peace.

Especially when the recruiter said that I would probably get my top destination choice, which at the time was Morocco!

Ahh, if only!

Sleeping Beauty Castle-Disneyland Paris :

The Secret (#3): The ideal life for me involves my own little animal farm, with doggies, a Bengal kitty, a Savannah, a mini-pig, a pair of goats, and one of them there monkeys like Shirley Temple had.

The Spill:

Cute, silly Animals are simply awesome...

What more can I say?

Off to further refine my dream of castle building and fun and friendly farming estates!

Woot! ;)

***Secrets 8-10 Embedded***

Dreaming Forward,


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