Saturday, March 17, 2012

28 +1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets (Day 19-22)

The Secret (#1) The best professional massage I've ever received was in Las Vegas (Surprise, Surprise!)

The Spill:

It was a male masseur from Nebraska who gave me my best massage ever, while I was lodging at the MGM in a Skyloft suite. Oh, my, he was awesome! 

Completely professional (but HOT); I definitely could not walk straight afterwards!!!

Although, I did have a permanent slapstick-happy grin on my face and fought the urge to absolutely collapse in the shower afterwards. Somehow!

The Secret (#2): My eyesight is terrible.

The Spill:

-5.5 .....For SHAME! Everyone else in my family has pretty darn awesome eyesight. Even my grandparents. Ay ay ay....

The Secret (#3): Dubai is the most exotic locale I've ever visited.

The Spill:

Prague and Buenos Aires would probably tie for second, for different reasons. But Dubai reigns supreme. The Las Vegas of the Middle East, in my humble opinion.

The Secret (#4): The first international trip I ever took was to Germany.

The Spill:

I had a great time and have loved traveling ever since. These days, though, I am equally interested in seeing as much of the US as I can while still enjoying various skips across the pond(s).

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