Tuesday, March 13, 2012

28 +1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets Day 17-18

The Secret (#1): I had one of the scariest nightmares of my entire life over two decades ago and have yet to forget it.

The Spill: My worst nightmare ever was in black and white( w/ technicolor). I dreamt that I was walking past a medieval church and saw a little caucasian blonde girl running down the winding pathway, which was bordered by 3 or 4 ft cement walls. She was screaming and running as fast as her feet could carry her.

I stopped and looked upwards towards the top of the pathway of the church, to see what was going on. I saw an advancing figure in animated techni-color, who resembled some sort of vampiric, fantasy creature wearing a long black coat with the collar popped upwards and a permanent, sinister smile plastered over his face. His walk was perfunctory, each step made stiffly and purposefully.

As he approached a bend in the pathway, I could see the leash that he held before him, attached to which was, to my subconscious anyway, a dwarfed, miniatured version of Jesus donning a collar, with his characteristically long tresses shorn and jagged into a crude, brute shortened coif. 

As the figure descended further down the path trailing that leash, he looked directly into my eyes, fixed his gaze, and laughed.

Long and hard.

"Jesus" did not look up.


That dream has troubled me ever since.

Who has this sort of dream at the age of eight? And why has it stuck with me for so long?

I may never know! 

I have suffered a few wicked night terrors ever since, every now and again, with other distressing nightmares--- but none have struck me with as much intensity as that particular dream after the fact.

The Secret (#2): I am a teddy bear hoarder and lover of cute kitsch.

The Spill:

I have at least 30 teddy bears, who have been named and fully personified.

(No, I don't have long, deep conversations with them, but I do try to pack one or two with me on trips and they do make me smile whenever I look their way).

And Hello Kitty is just the QUEEN of cute. No proof is necessary upon purchase. ;)

Bowled Over By Cuteness,


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