Wednesday, March 7, 2012

28 +1 Sandra London Semi-Secrets (Day 11 and 12)

Sandra London in L.A. Blondine series (El Matador Beach/Summer 2011)

The Secret: I was one of those little beauty pageant darlings and a debutante while growing up. 


Modeling/Acting schools galore 

And was once Miss ___________ and waved from the rooftop of a limo, even!

Sandra London for 2003

The Spill:

That being said, I find the whole "toddlers and tiaras" phenomenon pretty darn icky. There is definitely such a thing as 'going too far'. Need proof?

Consider the source! lol..

And I would not even consider myself as having ever been overexposed to the wtf world of some of those extreme cases blitzed across the media every now and again.

Which ones, exactly?

Well, I've never been able to bring myself to click beyond the tawdry headlines running across various news outlets nor watch a full show trailer traversing my tv screen.

I instantly flee from such soulf***ery.

Just, ew.

Sandra London from the L.A. Blondine series (El Matador Beach/Summer 2011)

The Secret ( #2):  I entered my first public speaking contest when I was seven years old!

Sandra London from the L.A. Blondine (El Matador/Summer 2011)

The Spill:

I won 2nd place for my rendition of Sir Martin Luther King's infamous, "I Have A Dream" speech.

First place went to my fellow female competitor who delivered a very compelling Rosa Parks back of the bus speech.


There was a part during my speech wherein my nerves almost threatened to overwhelm me completely.  I momentarily went blank towards the near-end of the speech!

Luckily, my slight tearing up in the corner of my eyes looked emotionally ambiguous enough to add even further 'fervor' to my speech.

Within miliseconds, the remainder of the speech came back to me and I was able to successfully complete my public presentation.

Oh, and a big bravo and amen to the power of 'theatre'. ;)

Picture From The Mandarin Oriental-D.C.


Sandra London

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