Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~*~Letting (All) The Right Love In~*~

"Dance like you have health insurance.
Sing like you have freedom of speech.
Love Like It's Legal."
-Unknown (?)

I saw this quotation (above) about a week or so ago in a fellow member's signature on a cool "sexy-wahm"forum of which I am a member.

It couldn't be more pleasing on the eyes than on a day like today, wherein love in all its equal/civil/human forms received another progressive nod (and notch on the proverbial, uh, garter belt).

A great, BIG "You're Awesome" to 2 of the 3 California federal judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals for honoring and preserving the recognition of equal rights, protection and legitimacy in the eyes of the law.

Here's to hoping this is an upward trend worldwide in bucking against those who "single out a(ny) minority group for disparate treatment for no compelling reason."  

                                    **********Here Lies The End of My SpeakEasy*********

Back to your Regularly Scheduled Ta-Tas!!!!

If one can dream, qu'en revez-vous? ;)


p.s.: Oh, and Right ON, New York Giants!!! =)
P.P.S: The Apple bits in my headspace (and framed upon my wall) shine (alum-inate?) brightly from the Westsiiiiide! ;)

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